Small Biz Tip: Baby Boomers: Marketing via Print Media

Tips from December 9, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss marketing to Baby Boomers via print media. Baby Boomers LOVE coupons. Place them in the local paper and magazines for them to cut out and use. Upon purchasing, request Baby Boomers' phone number and/or email. This will allow for direct sending of coupons and advertisements to your target audience and to gain repeat customers. Baby Boomers have a better chance of seeing your advertisements in newspapers than any other generation. Baby Boomers still hold to reading the morning paper while most generations move to the Internet or TV for their news. Take advantage of this. Mailers are a great way to advertise to Baby Boomers. They value the convenient deals they receive in the mail and the simplicity of receiving them. Send out mailers on a regular basis, about every two to four weeks. Create a schedule and stick to it.  Daily Overview: Baby Boome... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Newspaper Advertising

Tips from Tuesday, May 5, 2009 Today’s Small Business tips will cover taking advantage of the fact that 57% of adults in the U.S. read a newspaper daily. Newspaper advertising is sold by the column inch and different classifications may have different rates. A smaller advertisement run repeatedly does better than a larger ad run less often. You can't afford the same old newspaper ad these days. Design and word to evoke emotion for attention! Motivation for action! Talk with your newspaper staff to locate your local target audience; pay for that circulation. Daily Overview: As always, you have to provide value and build trust. Get attention, create desire & ask for action repeatedly. [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: Print Advertising

Tips from Wednesday, April 22, 2009 The Small Business tips today will be about print advertising. It’s still a valuable means to promote your business! Newspaper advertisements are a great way to target a local population. Write a letter to your newspaper editor. A personal story or recommendation is your best newspaper advertisement. Direct mail is still effective if you're clear, concise and offer a respectable incentive along with it. Try yellow pages and magazines for promotions planned well in advance.  Daily Overview: Use the old, tried but true methods of print marketing in a way that addresses this instant-results society. [Read Full Article]