Can Sitting at Your Desk be the Cause of Your Back Pain?

Work-related back pain is one of the most common occupational disorders in the US, affecting four out of five Americans at some point in their life. Sounds silly, but something as innocent as sitting at your desk all day puts you at a great risk for back pain or injury. For most of us, this position is more natural than standing or even sleeping. Does this mean you should opt for a desk-less and chair-less career? Not necessarily. Between my family, friends, and patients I have seen, lower back pain is, without a doubt, the most common complaint. While studying to pursue a career in physical therapy and after seeing countless patients suffer from lower back pain, I noticed a common trend, long hours of continuous sitting was becoming a theme. This makes sense when you realize that when you sit, your lower back is supporting more than half your body weight. While sitting can damage your back in a variety of ways; the main cause of... [Read Full Article]