Small Biz Tip: Business Performance: Internet

Tips originally broadcast on November 21, 2008 The Small Business tips today will be about monitoring your business performance on the internet. Put Google Analytics script on your website. Use it to monitor, track. Then adjust your marketing & SEO. How-to. Use Google Alerts. Monitor what others say about you, your brand, your employees. Then learn & adjust. Centralize your monitoring efforts to save time, energy and money. Try it Montis free with instant notifications. Check and often to m... [Read Full Article]

Tracking Website Performance : and Google Analytics

Finding ways to track your website and the performance of the URLs that you give out is an important tool in monitoring your internet marketing efforts. This allows you to learn what is and isn’t working which will then show you if you need to adjust your approach or even your content. I’ve been using the service the past few days to do some comparisons on their stats reporting versus Google Analytics stats reporting. I also used Google Analytics (GA) campaign tracking to simplify things on that end. is a service that shortens long URLs and, as a bonus to number buffs like myself, gives you instant and live tracking statistics. It tells you where the URL is posted, what conversations the URL is being involved in, where everything is coming from, time of the clicks and more. GA statistics are delayed which is why I wanted... [Read Full Article]