Standing on the Platforms: What Small Business can Expect from the Parties

The Democratic National Convention began with Beijing Olympics-style visuals, high-powered speakers including Michelle “The Closer” Obama, well-contained protesters and the usual suspects from mainstream media and those silly fringe media elements like Fox News, talk radio and blogosphere. Hillary received her faux roll call vote and gave it up gloriously, right on cue, so that the Democrats could minimize the expected wailing and gnashing of teeth from her die-hards and achieve something that looked like party unity behind Barack Hussein Obama whose speech, in what looked like a White house Rose Garden somehow replanted on the summit of Olympus, was notably vague but certainly gave his supporters the warm fuzzies. It was all nicely choreographed—even Denver’s legendary homeless population was under wraps (at least those who didn’t opt for the free haircut or the trip to the zoo).  As for the Republicans, they were gearing up quite nicely, ignoring equally wel... [Read Full Article]