Robbery and Small Business: How You Can Prepare

How many times has it happened? The day is winding down, there are no customers in the place and with your eye on the clock—longest ten minutes you ever saw—you figure you can get a jump on closing down by vacuuming or even counting down the till. Just then the door opens and in walks a man you’ve never seen before. You sigh as your fantasy of getting out of there right at closing evaporates. As you put on the company-approved customer service smile and ask if you can help this newcomer, your words slide right down the barrel of the gun he’s now pointing at you. You are being robbed, apparently by someone who didn’t hear that the city has a ban on handguns (I guess criminals don’t watch the news). In fact, 4.9% of all robberies are committed at the workplace, often with a firearm. Of course, that—along with the fact that it no longer really matters if your drawer balances—is all beside the point. You are being robbed. What are you going to do?&nbs... [Read Full Article]