A Window to Your Business World

Retail shops are one of the most common small businesses in America today. To compete with the other boutiques, mom & pop shops, and, yes, even retail chain stores, it is important to appeal visually to your customers. An appealing and motivating storefront window will grab people's attention and attract them to your store. Let's take a closer look.RecognitionTo make a name for your business, you need to be recognized by customers, potential customers, or people who were referred to your business. Without being recognized, who will notice you? You need a few simple things to be recognized. Business Name- Stating the obvious, your business name must be prominently displayed for all to see. Logo- Your logo is what will help people "brand" your image in their brain. More on logo's in a bit. Business Information- Don't go too overboard with using your business information as a part o... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: People Management: Recognition & Rewards

Tips from August 7, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss people management: recognition & rewards. Specify reward criteria. Define expectations. Explain your qualifications. Make the reward criteria clear to rule out favoritism. Say Thank You! Simple. Short. To the Point. It acknowledge small & major successes & validates the importance of others' work. Boost self esteem. Foster intrinsic rewards & make people proud, excited & enjoy their work by giving constructive criticism. For a long term impact, reward all employees who meet the criteria. The more rewards, the more satisfied & encouraged employees. Daily Overview: Good recognition & rewards provide employees with a fair return for their efforts & motivate for the future. [Read Full Article]

Small Business Brief for 12/02

Government and Economy SBA Applauds Treasury Action to Bolster Secondary Market for Small Business Loans A plan by the Treasury and the Federal Reserve to improve market conditions for asset-backed securities – including those composed of SBA-backed small business loans – should be welcome news to credit-hungry small businesses across the country, said U.S. Small Business Administration Acting Administrator Sandy K. Baruah.   Holiday Sales Season: One of the Weakest in Years Increased retail shopping over Thanksgiving will not be enough to keep this from going on record as one of the weakest sales seasons in recent years. [Read Full Article]