Workman’s Comp: Fighting Liability

On the topic of survivor benefits for the family of a worker killed on the job, the experts at have this to say: The surviving spouse and children of a worker who is killed during the course of his employment are entitled to death benefits.  Each state’s statutes vary on how much the survivors are entitled to receive, and on the definition of spouse and dependents.  For example, divorced or separated, children out of wedlock, children over the age of 18, children in college, etc. It is important to note that unlike a civil damage claim in the Court system, in Workers’ Compensation the focus is not upon grief, mental pain and suffering, or loss of companionship. The focus is upon the loss of income being produced by the deceased worker for the surviving beneficiaries. The numbers and eligibility may vary from state to state, but the basic premise here is clear: If yo... [Read Full Article]