The Green Revolution gets Personal: Pushing Hard for a Dry Toilet

Flush and Forget technology is simply not sustainable. That was the message from Jack Sims, founder of the World Toilet Organization, at the recently held World Toilet Summit in Macao. Mr Sims said a culture where people flushed their loos but disregarded the thousands of liters of wasted drinking water each year was one of sanitation's greatest challenges. "This 'flush and forget' attitude creates a new problem which we have to revisit," said Sims. Potty Perils: The Dangers of the Flush Toilet You have to admit, the flush toilet has been doing a pretty good job of separating people from their waste for a very long time. It was a vast improvement over the chamber pot, the privy and the proverbial woods, removing the waste and taking the smell—not to mention the associated scourges of cholera and typhus—with it. What's the problem with it? The problem is water. It takes water to flush away the waste and from there it has to go down into sewers where i... [Read Full Article]