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2100 Southbridge PKWY-Suite 279
Birmingham, AL 35209
(205) 871-1692
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Paul W Abele assists successful individuals who demand excellence from their investment professionals. Our goal is to be your personnel Chief Financial Officer (CFO).We use a comprehensive approach designed to meet client needs. We use a highly consultative approach using some of the best professional in Birmingham, CPAs, and Estate Attorneys etc(Professional Network). We use the professional Network along with our wealth management practice, to construct integrated strategies for each client’s specific needs.
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Reviews for Abele Financial Group

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My Review by mikes1279579270 via Citysearch on 6/14/2013

Paul Abele has been a great advisor. He is some one who has taken the time to help me understate the financial markets at my pace. I can not say how much this has help me relax about my investments

My Review by williams1096420927 via Citysearch on 1/15/2013

I have been very fortunate to have Paul Abele as my advisor for the last several years. He has been very helpfully and has allowed me to relax about my investments. I would recommend Paul Abele to anyone who is looking for good financial…

Paul W Abele is a great advisor. by jkwht via Citysearch on 11/19/2008

I am so greatfull Paul Abele has been my Investment advisor . For many years anyone could have claimed to be a good advisor, But he has proven that his work with the the best academics in the country is the proper way to invest. Investing…

A true great advisor. by jblount via Citysearch on 10/25/2008

Paul Abele has been a very good comfort to me during these trying times. He Has help me understand that investing is not about betting or being clever. I have finally understood that the "investment people" I have used during most of my…

jtblount by jdblount via Citysearch on 9/27/2008

Paul W Abele is truely a great advisor. He help me understand that investing is not about chasing the best returns, but understanding where returns really come from. Investing is not about being clever or betting. The accepted academics…

Abele Financial Group by johntsears via Citysearch on 7/26/2008

Paul Abele has been a great advisor to my family. He has spent many years learning how the capital markets work. I have lerned alot from him. I no longer worry about the day to day movements in the markets. He has helped me understand that…

Paul W Abele is the best financial advisor I have ever had. by wtb2 via Citysearch on 7/13/2008

Paul Abele is an honest advisor. He has devoted his investment career to educating himself in how the financial markets work. I spent too many years working with people that turned out to be only salesman. Paul understands the importance…

Paul W Abele is a good trusted advisor. by susancmoore via Citysearch on 5/10/2008

Paul W Abele is an excellent investment advisor. He has been one of the best investment professionals I have had the honor to know. He works with with the Chicago School of Busines to profivde his clients with the best investment advice…

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