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Spy Pro Shop is the go-to place in Birmingham AL for GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices! Our GPS trackers have helped hundreds of customers protect their family members and assets. These trackers allow you to see real-time where your vehicle or asset is from your computer or smart phone. A record is kept of everywhere the asset goes for up to 90 days and the records are easy to read or download with street addresses , times and dates, not just way-points. After trying out several companies who promised quick updated and fast reporting, we chose these trackers because of quality, performance and customer support.The units do, like all real time GPS, have a monthly fee. The fee is unavoidable because they work off a cell phone type GMRS service which cost for data. The fee is a fixed fee of around $33.00 monthly for the covert device. We also sell OBD devices, these plug right into your vehicles diagnostic port and have a considerably lower monthly fee, and trailer trackers that attach to a trailer, have an internal battery and charges whenever the trailer lights are connected. If you are setting sail in the deep blue or exploring a desert somewhere that has no cell coverage at all, our satellite trackers will help friends and family keep up with you or locate you in an emergency situation. These are also great if you are shipping expensive merchandise and have concerned about shipments getting lost or pirating. Our hard wired vehicle devices offer an additional input to allow you to get reports or notifications each time a trigger is activated. This could be a cargo door opening, a lift gate being activated, a passenger door opening, etc.
If you want to buy GPS tracking devices Locally in Birmingham AL or surrounding areas, we can help you at our store in the Greystone area on HWY 280 E. or you can order online and we will ship it out within 2 business days.once you receive the device just click here to activate it.

Owned and operated by a 30 year veteran Private investigator who specializes in surveillance and hidden camera solutions Spy Pro Shop is your solution for theft and deception both at work and at home.

Whether you are a professional investigator looking for way to set up a covert camera or a body worn solution to get that one shot that could make the case or just Johnny Q public trying to catch a thief bat home or work or check on your teens; we know every setup is different and ordinary measures aren't always what you need.
Jim Casteel has specialized in custom solutions for the past 30 years with hidden camera installations in TV sets, ceiling fans, smoke alarms and even digital pagers back in the day. When GPS technology emerged but the ready made devices were not available, we would design our own solutions by downloading software onto analog phones and adding both cell and GPS antennas.
Although the profession and the equipment are far more advanced now, there are still many situations that require something of a custom built nature.
Our goal is to first offer the latest in ready made solutions and secondly to help with custom creations to fit in where adequate solutions are not readily available without modification. Find us under search terms such as Spy Gear in Birmingham Alabama , Hidden Cameras, GPS tracking devices in Birmingham Alabama, Personal protection or Birmingham Alabama Private investigators.
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