Taco Mesa

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647 W 19th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627-2715
(949) 642-0629
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Taco Mesa serves Costa Mesa, CA and is located in the 92627 ZIP code.

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by EnD on 6/11/2021

by Amon on 1/29/2021

by Amon on 1/29/2021

by Boston on 3/28/2021

by Boston on 3/28/2021

by Amanda on 7/14/2021

by Amanda on 7/14/2021

by Tina004 on 5/26/2021

by Amon on 1/12/2021

by Amon on 1/12/2021

by Lina on 4/30/2021

by Lina on 4/30/2021

by Boston on 3/11/2021

by Jehonathan on 6/27/2021

by Jehonathan on 6/27/2021

by Pema on 8/25/2021

by Goronwy on 10/22/2021

by Eshe on 4/13/2021

The Scene
Once a deserted Taco Bell, this gussied-up taco stand transports its loyal following to Mexico. Fresh fruit adorns the wall behind the cashier and half a dozen tables are scattered on the patio. No matter what the hour,… Read Full Editorial

My Review by jimmyf758560701 via Citysearch on 2/18/2015

I like the fusion trademark that they have in this place. I went here the first time last weekend with some friends and I am looking forward to going back.

My Review by brentk315423906 via Citysearch on 2/10/2015

Great flavor fusion. There are a lot of dishes that I really wanted to try. There are some good desserts as well. I have to go back for more to experience the whole thing.

Carnitas!!! by LocoLocal via Citysearch on 3/15/2012

This place is cheap and they have really good carnitas. They used to have birria, but I have been told they don't anymore. It's a good place to eat, but the parking is sometimes difficult to find.

Best tacos in OC! by William B via Insider Pages on 3/29/2011

Super delicious food! Fresh and tasty, their tacos are the best in Orange County. Great all over all....

Good Yucatan-Style Mexican Food, Friendly Staff by theliterati via Citysearch on 9/6/2009

My friend and I were famished after an early morning walk on the beach, and an hour of shopping @ Ikea. We wanted something quick, but not fast food quick, so she recommended Taco Mesa. She warned me that not to be put off by the fact that…

Go there just for the avocado salsa. by Veronica O via Insider Pages on 11/26/2008

I don't like burritos with rice and beans so I love their blackened chicken burrito. Another plus is their avocado salsa which is great with chips or all over anything you order. They are usually crowded so seating can be hard to find but…

Gourmet mexican fusion at gourmet prices with no service and no ambiance by quesadilla via Citysearch on 1/26/2008

No frills, gourmet style mexican fusion. The food is decent/good so long as you know that it isnt authentic style mexican food you're going for, it's sort of a fusion like you might find at Kantina. The prices are comparable to Kantina but…

Over Rated ... but great salads! by cocotheslug via Citysearch on 1/6/2007

Don't here looking for authentic mexican food. It's a little over rated. But, WOW ... the salads are huge and cheap. ~Try Jugos Acapulcos down the street for an authentica experiencia~

Gourmet Mexican food, fast food prices! by suznf via Citysearch on 9/28/2006

Ok. This is not taco bell. This is upscale, gourmet mexican food in a fast food building. No drive through. No great views. No beautiful dining room or free chips. Paper plates and a serve yourself salsa bar. A patio view of the DMV and…

Eat here if you don't know how Mexican food taste by mtbbofa via Citysearch on 1/12/2006

Food was NOT CHEAP nor was it good. I paid $20.00 for two burritos and two regular drinks.

good tacos and stuff by Katey L via Insider Pages on 11/25/2005

Food here is great and the place is often pretty crowded. I hear the tortas are especially yummy although I'm not a big sandwich person so I haven't had them personally.

Unique, Healthy Mexican by S. K. via Judy's Book on 8/15/2005

Taco Mesa has some of the best Mexican food around, with less grease and healthy ingredients. Everyday items include unique entrees like calamari tacos and lobster enchiladas. Breakfast served all day! Daily specials range from ceviche…

Awesome food for a great price by Brian Y. via Judy's Book on 8/12/2005

This place has great food at an affordable price. From the outside it looks just like a little whole in the wall thats really colorfully painted, but the food is great. I got burritos from there and they not only were great, but only cost…

Great stop in Costa Mesa by Harry T via Insider Pages on 7/7/2005

Although it's kind of pricey, the food is very good and fills you up quickly. Not just your normal "mexican" restaurant, they are really creative with their plates, and it shows in their taste. Good atmosphere, and definitely…

didn't like by tachcom via Citysearch on 7/1/2005

From order till I got my food was about 20 minutes, Taco shell was burnt and there was some fish in the chicken taco, myself not being a seafood person was shocked.

Muy Delicioso! by Rio D via Insider Pages on 6/13/2005

On my last visit to Taco Mesa I braved construction and trenches on 19th street in order to take my out-of-town guest to experience one of my fave SoCal locale's. If you've ever wondered what wallpaper designed exclusively out of…

World famous - for good reason by J H via Insider Pages on 6/3/2005

It's not really fair to describe this as Mexican food, because it is not like anything else out there; these creations are amazing. The perfect cross between gourmet and fast food. Maybe the best meal for 2 under $20 in Orange County

The Best by nutritnguy via Citysearch on 5/23/2004

Taco Mesa rivals the best Mexican Food In Southern Ca. The food is a cross between traditional mexican food and trendy culinary gourmet. Blackened Fish, Calimari, Chicken, Salmon, Shrimp, Crab....the menu rivals most restuarants…

Good value! by townlaw via Citysearch on 8/14/2003

There are several Taco Mesa's in Orange County. The food is pretty good, and it is a little different than the ordinary Mexican food...so it is a welcomed change at times.

No Your Fat Mama's Mexican Joint by BigMary via Citysearch on 2/9/2003

I'm sorry, but how can anyone write a review and not mention the blackened calamari tacos? There are numerous changing specials and if you cry and plead, they'll sometimes make you an order of tacquitos de cammarones, an incredible…

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