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DC Locksmith Star offers fast and local DC locksmith services. We also offer emergency service with no extra charge for weekends or nights! We specialize in residential locks and keys to commercial ones such as safes, filing cabinet keys etc.. Our team is well experienced and fully licensed and insure. We will be able solve any key needs at competitive prices without compromising quality workmanship.
Our mission is to keep our community safe and we proudly doing that for many years in the DMV area. our team is very friendly and highly knowledgeable and we're always available to help with any of your locksmith needs. Call us now- 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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Open Late

Reviews for DC Locksmith Stars

DC Locksmith Stars received an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars from 41 reviews.

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The technician was so helpful by Charles K. Renz on 11/6/2022

The technician was so helpful. He came to my house even though it wasn't too far away, and made a copy of the keys for me in less than 20 minutes!

Really helpful and fast by Charles D. Perez on 9/7/2022

I had a great experience with these guys. They were at my house in Les than an hour! The technician was nice too--he even offered to help me reprogram the key it so that no one will be able to make off with any more of our vehicles' ignition codes than necessary.

I highly recommend this business by Eric C. Reno on 8/30/2022

It's always a relief when you can find an honest company to work with. They provided fast service, came at the scheduled time and even gave me some extra keys! I highly recommend this business as your next Lock Repair needs arise.

Customer service is top-notch by David D. Delacruz on 8/5/2022

Working with them was a great experience. The customer service is top-notch, and their workmanship shows it! I had them come out to my place for me rekey all of the locks on each door within its frame--and they did just that without any issues or complications whatsoever; plus gave me extra keys so we could be safe while moving into our new home together.

Very satisfied by John N. Tucker on 7/26/2022

They came out quickly to fix our lock and we were very satisfied with the service. The technician was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly - everything you want in a local locksmith!

Best locksmith services by Terry J. Stiltner on 7/22/2022

I had been struggling with installing new deadbolts on my front and interior doors, but the tech helped make it as easy for me! He also fixed an issue where one of our sliding glass door latches was misaligned so that everything fits perfectly now - would recommend DC Locksmith Star if needed in your town locksmith near me!

Quick and easy by Emil L. Jarrell on 7/21/2022

WOW! I can't believe how quick and easy your locksmith service was. The technician is the best residential locksmiths around--I'm recommending you to all my friends who might need something fixed or installed soon.

Great service by Timothy J. Merryman on 7/19/2022

I am so glad I found DC Locksmith Star. They were able to help me out when my key got lost, they had a new one key in stock for us!

Quick and simple by Robert D. McCrea on 7/18/2022

The process was quick and simple! I copied my apartment keys in 10 minutes with no hassle. The locations are plenty, so you'll never have trouble finding DC Locksmith Star near where ever your home or office is located-and they're accessible 24/7 if needed during normal business hour.

Amazing by Adolfo S. Glenn on 7/17/2022

We had the worst day when our only key to a car we'd bought used went missing. But luckily, they were able to come out and make us some new ones that same afternoon!

highly satisfied customer! by Roy C. Hamler on 7/14/2022

When I returned from vacation, someone had tried to break into my house. The attempt was unsuccessful but they damaged the locks so badly that it took me an entire day just trying to fix them myself with no success whatsoever! But then luckily enough the technician came over on their same-day appointment AND set all of our doors at home again--working perfectly each time like always. highly satisfied customer here!

What a great services by Keith S. Matthews on 7/12/2022

I never thought my doorknob installation would turn into such an adventure until I called the locksmith near me. DC Locksmith Star showed up in less than thirty minutes with all the tools needed and got it done faster than anyone else could have!

Thank You by Carlos K. Bump on 7/6/2022

The service at DC Locksmith Star was so nice! The owner of the company came out to my apartment in DC and retrofitted a Medico deadbolt for me. It wasn't cheap but they were upfront about costs from day one I knew what I stood a gamble with when choosing their local locksmith services due to it being an older building that may not have been suitable or allowed by law otherwise. Anyway...after talking things through we decided on an installation date which worked well because the technician showed up right on time -even earlier than expected!

I'm so glad that DC Locksmith Star was able to help by Glen A. Muldrow on 6/27/2022

I had a really frustrating experience with another local locksmith earlier and I'm so glad that DC Locksmith Star was able to help. They were very friendly, quick, professional--I couldn't have asked for more from them! The technician who helped us seemed like he may be the owner because of how knowledgeable & helpful his customer service skills are; highly recommended if you need any keys made or just want some extra tips on improving your current situation at home.

Excellent job! by Rudy L. Lopez on 6/24/2022

There are best in the business. They communicated throughout our entire process and gave us options, pricing & more! They made this deal happen for us - we're so happy with his work that it's become our first choice when dealing directly with an apartment community needing locksmith services.

Impressed by the quick response time! by Martin L. Paille on 6/22/2022

I was really impressed by the quick response time of DC Locksmith Star. I called them and within 20 minutes they arrived at my doorsteps, which is why we all know that timelines matter!

Customer satisfaction by James E. Mosier on 6/20/2022

The technician was such a nice guy! He came in a time when I got locked out of the apartment. His workmanship is top-notch and his customer service is even better - call DC Locksmith Star if you need a local locksmith service who will be there no matter what!

The technician was so kind and professional! by Scott P. Fletcher on 6/13/2022

The technician was so kind and professional! He came in 15 minutes to help me when my apartment complex's buzzer didn't work, which is really lucky because otherwise I would have been stuck outside with no way inside. Thank you DC Locksmith Star the locksmith near me!!

They're the best! by Kara J. Chambers on 6/6/2022

I've locked my keys in twice and they were always there for me. You can't go wrong with these locksmiths! Really appreciate the kindness of the customer service representatives!

The fastest and most reliable service! by William A. Capps on 6/4/2022

My neighbor was locked out of their home, so I called this company. The locksmith who came to help them got here in 5 minutes with a welcoming smile on his face. He then proceeded to unlock their door within a few minutes!!!

So friendly and professional! by William E. Ramirez on 6/3/2022

The person assigned to me got my door unlocked in less than two minutes! I would definitely recommend them to everyone who needs a locksmith on a rush because these guys really know what they’re doing!

The folks at this business are amazing! by Michael V. Lopez on 6/2/2022

I was so impressed with this company's fast response time! The personnel got here right away and answered all my questions. They even showed me how to fix the issue myself in case it happened again later on down the road (which hopefully won't be necessary). This is an amazing service that I would definitely recommend - thank you!!

The personnel arrived sooner than expected! by Ashley F. Johnson on 6/2/2022

When my girlfriend and I locked ourselves out of our apartment, it was great to find someone who could help us so quickly. The gentleman from DC Locksmith Stars seemed very knowledgeable about the locksmithing process. He also, arrived sooner than expected with a remedy in minutes!

These guys are the best! by William C. Wang on 6/2/2022

I've used them multiple times from simple rekeying to lock picking, and other door/lock related issues. Very reasonable priced as well - you won't be disappointed if your find yourself in need of their services

Just Simply Amazed! by Chana R. Deleon on 6/2/2022

DC Locksmith Stars can do all sorts o things including installing new locks if needed (which won't happen often because these folks know their stuff). Highly recommend you give this company an appointment soon--you'll never regret doing so. Thanks to your amazing team guys!

Reasonable Price with Great Service! by Nellie G. Beatty on 6/2/2022

These locksmiths are the best! I've used them multiple times from simple rekeying to lock picking and another door/lock-related issue. Very reasonably priced as well, you won't find anyone better than these guys for your needs if it's a quick fix or more complicated job that needs doing. Congratulations for the job well done DC Locksmith Stars!

Highly Satisfied with their Service! by Sandra C. Garza on 6/2/2022

DC Locksmith Stars did an amazing job. The locksmith arrived within minutes of my call and quickly popped the lock. The cost was exactly what they said it would be without any surprises or additional fees. I could not thank you enough for the satisfaction we have experienced from them. Thank you so much everyone who made this company a great help who have fear of locking-out!

Arrived within Minutes! by heyev79543 on 6/2/2022

DC Locksmith Stars did an amazing job when I call them for service. The locksmith arrived within minutes of my call and quickly popped the lock. The cost was exactly what they said it would be without any surprises or additional fees. I could not thank you enough because how much damage it might have if we do it ourselves. Again, best of luck to your company and more power!

Quick Service without Any Surprises! by Pamela M. Wolf on 6/2/2022

Hi, I was locked out of my condo and called DC Locksmith Stars because they are not far from our place. The person on the phone said it would be pretty clever if we sent them a picture when calling for an estimate - which is exactly what happened! They told me how much cheaper that way ended up being compared to other companies in town who charge per hour or whatever... but then again maybe too good (or bad) news? When their locksmith arrived he popped open latches quickly without any surprises at all; cost wasn't even higher than expected!

Superb Service from the Team! by yekedet670 on 6/2/2022

Excellent service from DC Locksmith Stars. They were very helpful when I needed a locksmith to let me into my home after forgetting mine at work. They even had the courtesy not only come out on short notice but also make sure we could still have our holiday weekend! I am so impressed, I did not expect such attitude for a locksmith.

Lucky Day Today! by yonade8525 on 6/2/2022

I'm late for work and my keys are at home! Luckily, DC Locksmith Stars is just 20 minutes away. They were able to meet me within an hour even though it was before a holiday weekend- thank you so much guys!!! The locksmith who helped today was super friendly plus he gave great customer service!

Quicks Service from DC Locksmith Stars! by segisaf969 on 6/2/2022

The locks on my door were getting pretty old and Damaged, so I went to change them. DC Locksmith Stars gave me an accurate estimate over the phone- which is always a relief when you don't have any idea what kind of price range they'll be in! When it came time for installation though , everything happened very quickly: They arrived by 2 pm exactly as promised; We met at their truck outside because there wasn’t enough space inside where all our stuff reside!

The Friendly Locksmith Ever! by rehilos938 on 6/2/2022

They were so fast and friendly! I needed my locks changed quickly because of a break in at work. They came by 2 pm which worked out great for me since it's not far from where I live also their prices are very reasonable . So if you're looking to get into someone else’s home or office without being detected then these guys will make sure everything goes according plan. Thank you so much DC Locksmith Stars!

The guys at this company are awesome! by Diane G. Jennings on 6/1/2022

So I've lost my keys and they came out 09:30 at night to re-key my car. Very affordable, quick service that really made me feel better!

I had a great experience with this company! by Bonnie M. Pritchard on 6/1/2022

The man who helped me was kind and professional, unlocking my door in less than two minutes! I would definitely recommend them to someone else if you're needing assistance opening up your car or truck when you lock your key inside!

No more broken lock, thanks! by dogodax802 on 6/1/2022

One day I noticed that my lock was broken and I am so glad I found this company because they replaced my lock under 30 minutes and solved the underlying issue. The price is reasonable as well! Thank you for creating such an amazing team!

I can't say enough good things about this company! by Gary M. Golder on 6/1/2022

From the moment I called, they were super responsive and helpful in picking out a lock for me. The work itself also did not take long at all--fast yet reasonable priced with an amazing finish that left my door looking brand new again (yes, because of the locks). So if you're looking into smart locks then these guys are definitely the ones you should call too :)

The Most Helpful Locksmith Team! by xipay98817 on 6/1/2022

I just had the most incredible experience with DC Locksmith Stars. I called them out to install smart locks on two separate occasions and they were super responsive, helpful in picking out a lock type that would work best for me (and not too difficult) as well as explaining all of its features/ differences from other models available on market today!. Not only did their customer service make it really easy but when we got into installing each one at my house - which took less than 30 minutes total time because these guys know what's up- there wasn't anything. So happy for their service!

Their service is worth every penny! by Eugene S. Beverly on 6/1/2022

Their service is reasonably priced and they would be the first one I call when I lock myself out again. They were quick, professional, and polite. The person who came out to unlock my house did it so quickly with little effort!

Impressive Service from DC Locksmith Star! by wekixi5057 on 6/1/2022

I was really impressed with the service I received from DC Locksmith Star. They were able to come out and unlock my door within minutes of calling them, which is much faster than most other companies would respond! The tech who came over also did so without charging too much for his services-we got such good deals because there's always more business in this area ;)

Thank you for your fast service! by Michael H. Casey on 6/1/2022

I was out running errands when my car keys got lost, and they came right away. The service was fast -- it only took 10 minutes for them to re-key the lock so that I could get back in my ride!

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