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20500 Chalk Road
Milan, IN 47031
(812) 623-8778
CCI – Your Contact Strategy Horsepower!

Welcome to Customer Contact Insights (CCI). We are a group of experienced professionals that can help you create the right strategies using relevant data and insights to help you win the race and drive your business results to improve your bottom line.

In today’s world of ‘big data’, it is easy to become overwhelmed with having too much data or not knowing what to do with all the data you have. Either way, data alone is not the answer, insights gained from data is the key! CCI can help.

Effective data analysis is a combination of art and science and requires experience to know how to use the right data to solve your business problems. Our experience, coupled with your data and a multitude of data analysis techniques, helps us to develop insights and a road map for improving the effectiveness of your Sales, Marketing and Service channel strategies and execution.

In today’s marketplace, the more you know, the better you can compete. Data insights will help your company develop more cost effective customer acquisition and retention strategies, drive product innovation, and enhance process improvement measures that ultimately deliver improved profitability and engaged customers.

Our experience includes working with clients large and small, across a diverse mix of industries. We work directly with clients as an extension of their team or as part of a larger consulting group. We are available for short term project work or long term strategic initiatives. Call us today, we can help you win the race!

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