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Life Goals:

I see myself being a top performing employee, getting the right knowledge, and growing as an individual each day to soon branch out and have my own business.

If you could be any animal:

I would be a wolf. Wolves are strong individual creatures however, they still do not stray far from their pack. I believe I possess those characteristics of being family oriented, being able to work in a group setting, but still being able to stand tall on my own.

Interests or Hobbies: 

I love volleyball, watching horror movies, and spending time with my sisters.

Personal Achievements outside of EZlocal: 

I am a certified Tax Preparer.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

The job market in any community highlights integrity, responsibility, and consideration. From Benedictine University, I have learned integrity, from having siblings I have learned responsibility, and from my parents, who have sacrificed everything to put forward for my education, I have learned consideration. It really comes down to one thing, drive. When one is driven to succeed, any task is attainable



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