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Favorite Meal:
Mac and Cheese

Favorite Snack Food:
Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

Favorite Movie or TV Show of All Time:

Unknown Skill(s):
I’m really into designing and gaming, both are skills that I am really proud of.

Life Goals:
Ultimately, I’d like to move out to the west coast and live life as a rich graphic designer with
fast cars, hehe.

If You Could Be Any Animal:
I would be a hedgehog because they’re cute and they just curl up into a lil ball.

Personal Achievements (outside of EZlocal):
To me, my biggest personal achievements are the relationships I have in my life. My mom,
my best friend, and my boyfriend have made it all possible for me to achieve so many things.
And when I need support, they have and will always be there for me.

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