Customer Service Champion

Favorite Meal:

Humus (yes, hummus can be a meal)

Favorite Snack Food:


Favorite Movie or TV Show of All Time:

Get Out

Unknown Skill(s):

I skateboard

Life Goals:

Live on a sailboat

If You Could Be Any Animal:

Sea Lion, professional beach bums! 

Personal Achievements (outside of EZlocal):

Built a home on wheels and explored the West Coast!

Who we are

EZlocal helps businesses manage and improve their local and social internet presence. A top ranked search directory since 2007 with millions of indexed listings, EZlocal offers complete digital presence and listings management, including high quality citation building, social media and reputation services, online advertising and amazing mobile-friendly websites. Founded in 2007, we power our work with proprietary technology (Chicago Innovation Awards Finalists) and dedicated account teams.

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