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Today, more than ever, we are all searching for viable ways to reduce our operating costs wherever possible and practical. Preventative maintenance has become increasingly important to protect and preserve our current assets.

Our company is in the business of asphalt maintenance, specializing in the application of commercial grade coal tar emulsions, designed to protect and beautify your asphalt investment. We also offer services for patching, crack filling, and striping. We use only quality materials.
We guarantee your satisfaction. No matter how large or how small the job may be, we are here to serve you.

I personally invite you to let us show you what we can do. You will be glad you did.

Renato Carneiro
co-owner of RS Superior Sealcoating

EDGING - First the driveway is edged. This will provide a clean appearance and will expose hidden cracks which can be crack sealed.

CLEANING - The driveway will be thoroughly cleaned using a blower and scrubbed with a steel bristle broom.

PREPAR CRACKS -The cracks are prepared, clean, dried.

CRACK SEALING - Cracks over ¼? wide are filled with hot pour crackfiller. This is ia specialized rubber, heated to 400° and poured into the crack and smoothed flat. This will effectively seal out water.

CUTTING IN - We are extremely careful in the application of sealer on your driveway. Smaller brushes are used around buildings, walls, curbs, etc. No mess is tolerated.

SQUEEGEE APPLIED SEALCOATING - This is how all our driveways are sealed. A large squeegee spreads the sealer forcing it into voids in the pavement. This is superior to spray application which lays on top and can be messy.

THE FINAL PRODUCT - A slate black slip resistant finish. Vehicles need to be kept at least 24 hours. The sealer can normally be walked on a few hours after application, providing it looks dry.
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