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First Rate Construction now has a reputation as one of the most prominent structural moving companies that businesses and homeowners turn to for a safe, damage-free process of lifting and/or moving their building. Our house raising and moving services cover the East Coast and stretch across the US to the Midwest . We are known for the most modern, up-to-date house moving equipment; employing the latest in house raising and moving technology. Our building moving technologies include the Unified Hydraulic Jacking System and the Buckingham radio-remote controlled house moving dollies. Our experience and track record will ensure that your house, building, barn, historic structure or machinery will be raised or transferred damage free to your new site. We are continually upgrading our house moving skills and equipment to stay on top of and even lead the way in technology changes to meet the elevation and relocation needs of our customers across the country Supporting a house at its existing elevation instead of lifting it can be a very good option in some situations. The two most common reasons for just supporting your structure are: You only need a small part of your foundation replaced but the rest of the house, additions or sections are fine and do not need lifted. You would like to turn your crawlspace or short basement into a full basement but do not want your house ending up at a higher elevation than what it is now. In these cases and more, Wolfe House Movers can support part or all of your structure while the work you need done is completed underneath. The technology we use here at Wolfe House Movers allows us to support your structure very carefully so that there will be no stress put on any additions or sections not being supported. For structures that maybe have a center beam that needs to be shored up or extra support to be placed under a small section of your structure, our crews have the materials and knowledge to lift, support and shore up the affected area. We can also provide and install steel beams in areas where the structure needs more than just an extra post or two. First Rate Construction has the latest and best in structural lifting technology in their Unified Hydraulic Jacking System. The hydraulic jacking pump synchronizes the pressure to the jacks so that the whole building will lift evenly without racking. This keeps the cracks in the drywall or plaster to a minimum and sometimes non-existent. There are many scenarios where lifting your home can be a viable option. Some of the most common examples are flooding, short basement/crawlspace, adding another story and commercial renovation. Structural moving includes the combination of Supporting & Lifting and then things start going in a whole different direction ?pun intended?. With the latest in radio remote-controlled hydraulic dollies, the Buckingham Power and Coaster Dollies brings the levels of stress on your building to a historic low. The Buckingham Dollies are designed and built in house and then used for all of our relocation projects as well as rented and sold to other riggers and structural movers around the world. We can move structures of any size, weight or type including frame, stone, brick, block, log and steel along with the possibility of moving the concrete slab floor along with some buildings. The reasons for moving a structure can vary across the board from saving a piece of history from demolition, to moving a building sideways 2? because it was built too close to the property line, to the problem of a house being built in an area that is repeatedly flooding. Any structure can be moved for any reason and there has never been a structure large enough or heavy enough that it could not be moved.
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