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Goodwin Well & Water, Inc. is Maine's largest water systems contractor. Through four generations, we have installed over 10,000 water systems for Maine's homeowners, businesses and municipalities. Goodwin Well & Water offers you a full range of water system services "from Drilling to Drinking", including water well drilling, hydrofracing, water pump system installation and repair and water treatment system installation and repair. We are the only contractor in Maine who has professional employees that specialize in either water well drilling, water pump systems or water treatment systems.Our water systems are constructed to meet the highest industry standards to assure you of a safe and dependable supply of water. We provide you with the best warranties in the business, backed up by quick, responsive emergency service. If you need a new water supply, or simply have a problem that needs to be addressed with your existing supply, we have the experience and means to provide you with the best solution for your particular situation. Bedrock WellsThe majority of residential water supply wells in Maine are bedrock wells that tap ground water aquifers in fractured bedrock formations. These wells are relatively unaffected by drought and, when properly constructed, provide maximum protection from surface contaminants. The most important consideration in the construction of a bedrock well is to make sure that the driller installs an adequate amount of casing into bedrock, with a permanent casing seal, to prevent surface water from entering the well resulting in potential contamination. At Goodwin Well & Water, we are so confident about the quality of our casing seals that we warranty that no surface water will pass through the seal into the well. If at any time in the future, the casing seal fails for any reason other than impact or movement by a person or object, we will repair the well free of charge. Gravel WellsSome areas in Maine are covered by a sand & gravel aquifer. If you are in one of these locations, an excellent alternative to a bedrock well may be a gravel well. These wells are constructed by drilling down and installing a stainless steel well screen into the water saturated sand or gravel. The well is then "developed" by removing all of the finer grained material from around the well screen to allow the water to flow freely into the well and prevent future plugging of the well screen by fine grained sediments. Sand & gravel wells can provide very high yields of excellent quality water at less expense than many bedrock wells. The quality of water produced from drilled wells in Maine is generally excellent. However, the water from a small percentage of wells produce objectionable characteristics such as sediment, staining, discoloration, taste and odor. These are generally caused by elevated levels of iron, manganese, sulphur or calcium carbonate hardness.If your water has any of these objectionable characteristics, we can design, install and maintain an effective water treatment system for you. We have several employees who specialize in the design, installation and service of water treatment systems. We first start by performing a comprehensive quality analysis of your water to determine the cause of your particular problem. We then design a water treatment system that will best address your problem. Our goal is to recommend a system to you that will do a good job removing the objectionable characteristic from your water and at the same time, have low maintenance requirements and low initial cost. Most importantly, we guarantee your complete satisfaction with any water treatment system that we install for you. If you are dissatisfied with the system for any reason, we will remove it and return the complete original installation cost at any time within one year from the initial date of installation. Accredited Geothermal Installation & Service Geothermal Installation & Service
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