Back Yard Burgers


15908 E 23rd St S
Independence, MO 64055-1911
(816) 254-7284
Cuisine American
Feature Wheelchair Accessible
Feature Cheap Eats
Payment accepted Discover
Payment accepted Cash
Payment accepted Amex
Payment accepted Mastercard
Payment accepted Visa
Back Yard Burgers serves Independence, MO and is located in the 64055-1911 ZIP code.

Hours of Operation

Mon. - Sun. 10am - 10:30pm

Reviews for Back Yard Burgers

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sadly sucks by LeonardParks via Citysearch on 1/31/2003

I felt the food in this place was far below standard. McDnolds make's a better burger than they do. If you want a really good hamburger, go to McBowl in Liberty Mo. While it is a bowling alley, the hamburgers are to die for.

cold chow by allisunra via Citysearch on 1/14/2003

Brought two kids and a visiting grandma here. Thought eating outside under the cute lil umbrella tables would be a kick. took quite a while. The burgers were cold, the serving crew uninterested(apparently had other interests in…

Back Yard's the BEST! by natalie_reed1996 via Citysearch on 1/5/2003

I don't think you can go wrong with back yard burger. They taste like mom would have made them. And the waffle fries are outstanding! I'm going to go get one right now! Below they made me rank the ambiance.... for a drive through…

Just another fast-food chain by dclayross via Citysearch on 12/6/2002

This is where you go if McDonald's is not convenient. The quality is par with Hardee's this is not the place to go for a "burger experience" this is where you go if you are out for lunch, you have 10 minutes, and $5.00. The burgers are…

Formerly Great Burgers by racambab via Citysearch on 11/1/2002

When BB first opened they were GREAT. Nowdays the burgers are cold, apparently pre-cooked and this is apparently more so at their other locations. The last burgers we have had were all cold and very much dried-out indicating pre-cooked…

Not my favorite spot. by chellbell73 via Citysearch on 10/25/2002

Never been to the Independence one, but have visited the Olathe & Shawnee ones. Can't say I'm overly impressed with the burgers - they always seem on the dry side. If you love your burgers very well done, then this is the place for you. …

Drive-in that slams the rest! by kenscole via Citysearch on 10/25/2002

Why do McDonalds, BK, or Wendy's, when Backyard Burger is so much better, for marginally more money? Go for the lemonade - some of the best I've had anywhere!

Backyard Trash by Jimbob53 via Citysearch on 10/3/2002

I haven't been to the BYB in Independence, but I have been to the one in Mission and K.C. North, near Liberty. The North unit is a disaster. It never has gotten out of the "opening phase" of bumbling service and poorly prepared items. …

Black Hard Burgers by lisa443 via Citysearch on 8/30/2002

I haven't ever like this restaurant, their food is always burned and very high priced for drive-thru.

tastiest burgers anywhere!!! by jgarrison via Citysearch on 8/11/2002

I have been all over the u.s. and let me tell you: this place is MM-MM-GOOD!!! If you ever want a burger that tastes like it just came off the grill from your backyard (maybe better), and you want it in fast food record time, this is the…

z-best by msmelwolf via Citysearch on 8/8/2002

the best buger. this is a fast food buger fixed to order. A true backyard classic, a must for visitors.

'scuse me, while I finish this burger. by mike_finley via Citysearch on 8/8/2002

Burgers are great! When you don't have the time or the inclination to cook out, but want that cooked in your own grill flavor, this is the place. Prices are a little higher, but worth if a GOOD BURGER is what you want.

Burgermania by atcwhiz via Citysearch on 8/8/2002

Best fast food burgers in town, bar none. A little too pricey for fast food. Cobblers are great, but they need to offer all flavors every day, instead of one flavor per day.

Just Like Dad Used to Make by jlenzinger via Citysearch on 8/8/2002

These's burgers really are just like Dad used to make on the grill at home. The best! Chicken sandwiches and strawberry shakes are awesome too! You just can't go wrong with Backyard Burger. Food is hot, fresh, good, and service is fast.

Best Burgers - period by perryo via Citysearch on 8/8/2002

These are the best tasting burgers around. They use black angus beef to give that fresh taste and the flamed cooked gives it that char taste.

Tastes like a burger should. by missnnholden via Citysearch on 8/2/2002

Best burgers in town. Tastes like I grilled them on my own grill.

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