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La-Z-Boy offers a full range of great-looking, comfortable furniture designed to help customers create the look and ultimately, home of their dreams. Its sofas, sectionals, chairs, recliners and more, come in a variety of styles and are customizable to match each customer’s unique look. The highest quality construction and craftsmanship, combined with professional design services help customers bring their vision to life so they can feel confident and live life comfortably.
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Recliners, Chairs, Sofas, Sectionals, Loveseats, Ottomans, Tables, Sleepers, Outdoor Furniture, Spas & Hot Tubs

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La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries received an average rating of 1.00 out of 5 stars from 1 reviews.

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Horrible by Dulin_paul on 9/13/2021

STAY AWAY from these crooks! I'll try to keep my year-long saga brief but purchased a sectional, summer 2020. Paid in full but had to wait nearly six months for "assembly." They have a tiny little store with only a few options to look at and then the "design center" where they get you to spend thousands more on "high-quality fabric" upgrades. (That should have been my first warning sign, product should have at least basic quality to start.) Delivery finally arrives, some guys come out and slap the pieces together like legos. There are immediate STRUCTURAL, QUALITY, PERFORMANCE and DESIGN flaws in the product. We tried to give it a go, but a few weeks later, after the holidays, my wife called the store to address the issues. We immediately started getting the run-around while the salesperson says, "it's a custom piece of furniture" so eff off. So begins days, weeks, months, HOURS of trying to call these people, getting hung up on, told to call someone else, ETC. The store manager Kenneth Medford would not answer or return our calls for weeks, after 100% follow-up being done on our side of things he says there's nothing he can do, "call corporate." Then we got directed to a "district manager" Jonathon. Then we got sent to Julie Swanson of "escalated concerns" who we were later told no one had ever heard of. My wife was told to call the parts support team, the product support team, and the service center. Mike from service talked down to my wife and told her she didn't understand the product and maybe she should "google it." My wife has an advanced degree and runs a business, she's not an idiot besides the fact that you shouldn't speak condescending and rude to anyone regardless of their education/employment. I think our favorite was Josh the technician. We had to take time off of work and schedule him to come out THREE TIMES. Josh said he's seen better and he's seen worse (?!) having to revisit all the LAZY boy purchases in the area. He told us about the house he was at before ours, where the furious customer picked up the faulty recliner and chucked it across his living room. Now, you might think that customer sounded a little psycho UNTIL YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THESE money-grubbing, dismissive a-holes yourself! My wife has been in tears. Negligence and unprofessionalism on their part has continued. She's had to talk to these people while on her job, we've both had to take time off of work, she had to discuss it again while on a recent vacation. We've sent pictures, videos, detailed correspondence and FINALLY someone at corporate escalations offered us..... $250 to keep the product as is. Btw.. that number is 980-201-3342 so hopefully that will save you 327 hours of chasing, calling and follow-up that we've had to do. Now we have to retain an attorney, call the local news channel or just put it out with the trash and start over with a different company. 10k on a couch with several issues that have not been rectified, rudeness and runaround. Stress, discomfort and months of trying to deal with these people. BUYER BEWARE!

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