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Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is a fully licensed and insured, local company. We have been providing water damage restoration to the Nassau, NY area for over 10 years. We are a leading disaster recovery and property restoration service in the region. With over 15 years of experience, we offer professional services that include water damage repair, fire/smoke damage restoration, mold remediation and reconstruction. Using our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for drying wet materials, we are able to tackle any size project with a single call. We are always here for our customers, day or night, 7 days a week, always with a smile on.
Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

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Reviews for Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island received an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars from 25 reviews.

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This company did an amazing job remediating our wall! by Brian L. Williams on 8/30/2022

This company did an amazing job remediating our wall which had some water damage. Their lead restorer was very thorough with his work- I'm so grateful for all of these crews; they came around my schedule which is perfect since this isn't something you can easily do on your own.

They saved us! by Marshall C. Brauer on 8/16/2022

We called this company to come to save the day after our store was flooded on New Year's Day. The crew arrived in just 30 minutes, which prevented any loss of inventory due to drastic water damage that would have left us without a year’s worth of products!

Informative professionals by Kevin M. Weiland on 8/1/2022

The Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island crews were very helpful, informative professionals who made sure to educate us on all of our options for dealing with an emergency in the wake of a burst sewage pipe. They also did not waste any time getting down to work; their attention was focused solely on addressing this issue as quickly, efficient and efficiently as possible!

I recommend them highly by Wilbur C. Taylor on 7/29/2022

When you need professional service for your home, office, or business in the flood zone give Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island a call. Their team was thorough from start to finish - they kept what could have been a chaotic situation calm while still getting everything done right! I recommend them highly if this happens on your property too.

Great job by Mark J. Smith on 7/25/2022

When the sewage pipe burst in our home, they came to help us with all of their knowledge. The crew was thorough and did a great job educating my wife about what we needed to do in order for this not to happen again! We would use them again if anything else happens at night when nobody's supposed to be plumbing or fixing pipes.

Thanks again by Lester A. Greear on 7/20/2022

The leak in the bathroom was taken care of by my Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island. They were very quick to respond, and efficient available when I needed them, and did a great job fixing everything up for me! It seemed like everything went well so far -I'm happy with our partnership thus far- Thanks again.

Thank you! by James V. Sullivan on 7/20/2022

Our apartment burned down and other crews didn't want to touch the job because they said it was a loss. Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island came in spite of their advice, and cleaned up all traces of smoke damage so we could get our lives back again!

Thank you! by Hubert K. Pesce on 7/19/2022

When I heard a burst of water coming from my pipes at midnight on Friday night, Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island were sent to help. The professional crew knew exactly what caused it and completely fixed everything for me!

Job well done by John J. Chapman on 7/18/2022

The professional crews are ready to help you with any of your fire damage or water damage. They offer affordable and attentive services that will provide the best results for a job well done!

Excellent service with quick response by Lawrence B. Bennett on 7/15/2022

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is the best! I called them on Christmas Day when our pipe burst at apartment, they came out as soon as possible to take care of things for us. They worked closely with my insurance adjuster too--very knowledgeable guys who know how important this is during these times where everyone needs help right away good job.

I am so glad I found this company by Jeff P. Remick on 7/13/2022

I am so glad I found this water damage near me to help me out. From the moment that my water was damaged, they were there for support and fast response!

I would recommend 100% by Vincent S. Amos on 7/11/2022

When our apartment was completely flooded after a storm last year, The crew came to the rescue. They were able to fix everything up for us in no time at all with their fantastic level of professionalism and knowledge! I would recommend Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island 100%.

Their crew was friendly and honest! by David S. Lofland on 7/5/2022

It's refreshing to find water damage near me that does what they say and protects your property too! Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island not only came out fast, but their crew was friendly and honest. They got the job done efficiently with courteousness through every step of it all - from fixing our leaky pipe in under an hour flat while being very neat about everywhere else. Till leaving us alone after hours so we could go back home at last convenience without worry or concern whatsoever; these professional guys know how to make things easy.

They were professional and courteous! by Joseph C. Piercy on 7/4/2022

The crew from Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island were professional and courteous. They knew what to do all along my apartment was drying out, even when I asked them questions about the process that he had already answered once before! Highly recommend them for any water damaged property in need of repair or restoration service.

They were so responsive and efficient! by William T. Hall on 6/28/2022

They were so responsive and efficient! They came out to our apartment the same night we called and fixed everything up. The owner, The crew took his time explaining what needed to be done while being patient with us-he even returned later in the day just to make sure everything was going smoothly again.

Prompt, efficient and professional by Edgar E. Vang on 6/27/2022

When we had a water leak that caused major damage, it was 4 am before they came to our aid. They were prompt, efficient and professional in taking control of the situation - going way beyond what's expected from them as service providers! The team is sensational with their work ethic; always willing for another task when one becomes available so you don't have any worries about your home, apartment or business being left unfinished.

Excellent job by Richard A. Kendrick on 6/23/2022

I had a great experience with the guys putting my flat roof back on track. They were super helpful and thorough, even when I came in asking for help with flooded floors!

Professional and hardworking by Gary J. Lowe on 6/21/2022

There were professional and hardworking. The Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island did an amazing job with the water damage restoration, which made me very happy! The best water damage near me!!!

Good job guys! by James A. Cuadrado on 6/14/2022

I want to take a moment and praise about the service I received from Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island. When my apartment was flooded, these crews were there for me every step of the way--from cleaning up afterward in order not to damage anything or leave any messes behind; all while being very professional throughout! It made such an impact knowing that they cared enough about their client make sure everything got taken care of properly... Good job guys!

Very impressed by Arthur M. Hicks on 6/14/2022

We can't thank them enough for everything they did to help us out in this difficult time. New homeowners might find themselves faced with water damage as the last thing we want, but thanks again anyway because Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island made it easy! The communication between myself was always prompt; anytime I had questions or concerns about what happened at your company's hands--even during weekends/late nights etc., someone would be there ready to talk. Good job!

Their service was amazing! by Shaun W. Hansen on 6/9/2022

We had a pipe leaking into the dining room ceiling. Our insurance recommended calling them and I am so glad we did because their service was amazing! They were very quick to respond, helpful with scheduling (especially since it's busy during working hours), professional in every way possible-I cannot stress how much this place cares about its customers' needs if something goes wrong or anyone has any questions -they will take care of you!

Best Service by Michael F. Munoz on 6/6/2022

The crew from this company is amazing! Not only did they do a great job of cleaning everything up, but their professionalism and sociable demeanor made me feel relieved. I don’t think my apartment got cleaner after all the soot was removed — and trust me when I said a lot more was left because of its previous condition before these people arrived. If you’re looking for someone who exceeds any reasonable expectations, look no further because that’s what the future holds.

Good job by Charles E. Ham on 6/4/2022

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island were professional and quick to respond—a flood caused by a fire sprinkler. They arrived immediately after the incident, equipped with power tools, and worked all night last night and this morning to clean up any lingering water damage caused by these annoying machines! It felt good to know that I could call on such an expert if anything else went wrong today or tomorrow.

Satisfied Services by Mark R. Brooks on 6/3/2022

Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island is great! It did mitigation for my water damage in the basement. The work was completed on time and they are very professional with their job, getting things done right away when needed without any problems or headaches along the way. If you don’t want contractor issues like this one then I recommend using them - satisfied customer here!

Good Service from Flood Cleaning and Restoration! by George A. Edison on 6/2/2022

With my water damage, this team was professional and courteous. They were prompt with their arrival time which helped me out a lot! The Flood Cleaning and Restoration Long Island employees took great care in protecting all of your home's furniture during clean-up process while paying attention to every little detail--I will highly recommend them for any job you might need done around the house or business property.

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