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Kernan Asphalt Sealing Inc.


Bethel Park, PA 15102
(412) 852-4817
From commercial asphalt sealing to parking lot pavement markings, Kerman Asphalt Sealing Inc. will do all of this for you. We also perform crack/driveway/pothole sealing with different mediums. Call us today and we will send over a paving contractor right away to discuss our pricing with you. We are eager to be at your service!
Have you always been partial to clean, orderly-looking, concrete driveways and parking lots but haven’t yet come across a reputable company to assist you? Have you called one or two places but either received a recording each time or found that your schedules conflict? Here, at Kerman Asphalt Sealing Inc., the customer is our number one priority and you will always come first.
The parking lot of your apartment building is a busy area and may contain damage that you have not yet seen. Have you ever been walking to your car before work when you step in a sizable crack in the asphalt? You probably know that that it’s a lawsuit just waiting to happen. How awful would it be to hear of accidents or damaged vehicles solely due to the condition of this parking lot? These worries will easily be prevented with the help of one of our handy team members. One of our loyal, trusted associates will be at your service, rain or shine.
When it comes to costs, we are all mindful of how much money we spend. Times are tough and money can be tight at times, so why not save a little if at all possible? You need not be concerned about your funds disappearing when you come to us. Our team members who work with you will always keep your budget in mind when working in the area of your choice. We can also offer you our best money-saving ideas, if you wish.
When you want a service provider that you can trust and rely on, Kerman Asphalt Sealing Inc. will always be your number one choice. Have you ever asked yourself “Who can I call for affordable, quality asphalt work near me?” Here, at Kerman Asphalt Sealing Inc., we are much more than a paving service. While we offer pavers and the sealing of numerous things, we will also repair your asphalt if it has become damaged in any way, due to the outside elements and/or the natural process of wear and tear.
Kerman Asphalt Sealing Inc. has locations in five cities for your convenience, including Bethel Park and Moon, PA. We’re never too far away so come see us today!

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