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In 2003 two second generation machinists made a decision that would change their lives. Myself Jerald Welch and good friend and long time co-worker Kelly Flannery with the help and support of our families set out to build small niche machine shop.

First we focused on the Davenport screw machine and it's ability to produce very high quality complex parts at high speed. We felt that since much of the manufacturing base in the US was moving to Mexico and China that a small and intensely focused shop could thrive in this climate of downsizing and outsourcing. We are dedicated to our customers and there needs for small to medium sized runs with super quick turnaround with flawless quality. We found that there were purchasers that needed our specialized and almost dying skills for parts that just didn't make since to source to Mexico and China.

In 2005 we saw the need to expand our precision short run capabilities even further. After a year long search we decided to purchase our first CNC lathe. A Ganesh 4 axis 32mm capacity hybrid Swiss lathe and auto bar loader. This machine expanded both our size and shortened our already short lead times. After a few months learning curve we found that we needed even more capabilities and one year later returned to Ganesh Machinery for their new CS32 7 axis twin spindle hybrid Swiss style lathe. This machine gave us even greater means to help our customers with problem parts like never before. In 2016 we purchased an additional Ganesh CS-23 to double our CNC capacity. These full 7 axis machines give us an even greater ability to help our customers with their most challenging projects.

Now with six Davenport multispindle screw machines our Ganesh CS32 and our full complement of tool room and Quality Control equipment we can solve our customers most challenging problems.

We service such industries as Music, Computer, Automotive, Educational, Consumer Products, Logistical Support Companies, Food & Beverage among others. We have helped inventors develop ideas into working prototypes and then production. We have developed new products for our customers from their ideas and brought them all the way from concept to finished assembly.

Rapid Machine is poised and ready to help our customers reach their goals while building a relationship of trust and confidence that their needs will always be met and exceeded in turnaround time, quality and price.
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