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EZlocal Local Search Tools

Check out a few of our local SEO tools we have used to service customers.

  • Map Radius Tool

    This is a simple tool we use to generate images and lists of areas covered in a service area radius. It takes a location and draws a radius on the map around the desired location. It also shows all of the city and zip codes contained within that radius.

  • Google Review Link Generator

    Create a link to your Google My Business review page that works on both desktop on mobile.

  • Get Lat / Lon

    Turn an address into latitude, longitute coordinates -- or find your location on a map to pull from.

  • GUID Generator

    For when you need that random 32 digit unique identifier.

  • Schema / hCard Generator

    Quickly format your business location into popular structured data format like hCard/vCard.

  • Text Format Tool

    Convert text to a useable format.

  • Google Analytics URL Builder

    Get the most out of Google Analytics by tagging your URL with data to get deeper tracking of where your content was found.

  • Title Tag / Meta Length Checker

    How many characters can I have in my title and meta descripton? How many characters is this!? Save a few seconds and paste your title tag here and check the length of your character string.

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