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EZlocal Local Search Tools

Check out a few of our local SEO tools we have used to service customers.

  • Map Radius Tool

    This is a simple tool we use to generate images and lists of areas covered in a service area radius. It takes a location and draws a radius on the map around the desired location. It also shows all of the city and zip codes contained within that radius.

  • Google Review Link Generator

    Create a link to your Google My Business review page that works on both desktop on mobile.

  • Get Lat / Lon

    Turn an address into latitude, longitute coordinates -- or find your location on a map to pull from.

  • GUID Generator

    For when you need that random 32 digit unique identifier.

  • Schema / hCard Generator

    Quickly format your business location into popular structured data format like hCard/vCard.

  • Text Format Tool

    Convert text to a useable format.

  • Google Analytics URL Builder

    Get the most out of Google Analytics by tagging your URL with data to get deeper tracking of where your content was found.

  • Title Tag / Meta Length Checker

    How many characters can I have in my title and meta descripton? How many characters is this!? Save a few seconds and paste your title tag here and check the length of your character string.

Small Business AI Prompts

Use these prompts in your favorite AI tool to jumpstart your business today.

Social post idea
Create a post that features 3 essential tools or resources for users related to [business category]
Google Ads improvements
Help me write some Google Ad text for my [business category] business
Text message marketing
Create an SMS message to offer a discount on [product/service] with an emphasis on exclusivity

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