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Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services is a full-service debt recovery collection agency with proprietary techniques that serves clients worldwide. With years of experience and extensive knowledge in the collection industry, Benjamin Chaise is the choice to make when considering a company to help you with your delinquent accounts on a contingency basis. Call us for more information at 877-443-3113 or email us at
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Reviews for Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services / Benjamin Chase Recovery Services Co.

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services / Benjamin Chase Recovery Services Co. received an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars from 51 reviews.

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They are gentle, fair, and communicative. by Colton Bates on 9/7/2022

It was so out of what I have dealt with other agencies - they talked to me, and I felt like I was heard and understood. I wish all my debts were with them because the other two agencies are rude.

This is my first good experience with a credit collection agency by Cayden Adams on 9/5/2022

I have to say, I've been very impressed with the folks at Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services. I tried for months to get payment out of a few clients that were radio silent, and BCRS could get something out of them, even if it took a year or more to get it. They are also very easy to work with. The checks they send are always a pleasant surprise. I'm turning over more to see if they can collect it.

I highly recommend them! by Manuel Houston on 8/31/2022

The staff at Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services were great! They understood my needs and worked with me to create the best fit. I highly recommend them! I will say they have made it the easiest process.

These guys are very reasonable and patient. by Asher Hopkins on 8/31/2022

I was pleasantly surprised by how kind and quick my debt was resolved, especially after reading reviews about the company. The two women I spoke with were wonderful and understanding, and the matter was handled in less than 5 minutes.

Thank you BCRS by Amara Gray on 8/26/2022

I'm lucky that collections have not been something I rarely battle in my business. But, when I needed assistance, the Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services team was AWESOME to work with. They always take great care and get the job done well! Knowing I can trust them to handle these things when they come up is nice.

BCRS has been such a pleasure to work with. by Jocelyn Fleming on 8/21/2022

I have heard horror stories about collection agencies. I never had anything go to collections before because I always pay my bills, but because the hospital put the wrong address down I never got it. I spoke to Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services and they were very professional, nice, and not in line with me. They explained and sent the documents to me, and I could take care of my bill without it going on my credit report. Thank you, BCRS!

The best part is the customer service, by Victor Butler on 8/18/2022

I called this debt collection agency. I have had experiences with other agencies that were difficult to deal with and hard to make a payment, but with Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services, it was so quick and easy! I couldn't have had a better experience paying off debt. Thank you so much!!

I was very happy by Sabrina Butler on 8/15/2022

I worked with a rep of Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services; he was very respectful & professional considering the situation of us owing an outstanding debt. The staff helped address our issues & they were willing to work with us on payment arrangements.

I am fully happy with the results so far. by Mateo Mckinney on 8/12/2022

After doing considerable research on the company - it is a Debt collection company. I could get a hold of someone and figure out what was needed and why I was being contacted. They worked with me as they had seen why I was upset and were very diligent in getting things straightened out.

Have a great day, thank you again by Martin Hughes on 8/8/2022

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services made taking care of this debt so easy! Although I didn’t agree with it, I didn’t want the hassle of the dispute; it was my quickest call of the day! I appreciate her not being rude and pushy like other collectors!

We are very pleased with their performance by Lenox Hoffman on 8/4/2022

I had high expectations for increased revenue when retaining a debt collection agency. Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services has definitely met those expectations thus far. Our collection results have been very positive and, most important diplomatic.
We look forward to a continued working relationship with them and highly recommend them to our colleagues in the dental industry.

Very polite, and helpful. by Cody Taylor on 7/29/2022

I called to make payment arrangements, Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services was knowledgeable and polite. Thank you, BCRS, for your help! I'm sure your job is a thankless one, but I appreciate you!

Could improve. by Jason White on 7/26/2022

I just spoke with another agent that is not responsible for my operation. He was so rude. The agent with my case and the company had worked with me pretty well. My concerns were discussed and handled immediately with the highest level of professionalism.

Thank you for all that you do for so many. by Nylah Scott on 7/25/2022

I worked with Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services to help get my loans straightened out. They were unbelievably helpful and informative on information I had not known about. They made the dreadful call to a collections agency very pleasant, lol.

Couldn’t be happier with their customer service! by Jonathan Brown on 7/25/2022

The customer care Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services provided me was amazing!!! Highly recommend this agency for your collection needs! After going through everything, they gave me some options no one else had told me about and helped me make the right choice and how to collect a debt the best way possible. I couldn’t be happier with their customer service! They are amazing!

A very knowledgeable collection agency. by Merlin Moya on 7/20/2022

I spoke with the representative of Benjamin Chaise REcovery Services about collecting a Small Claims Judgment against a contractor that screwed me over. After explaining my situation, he was quick to help me out, even though such a small claim (less than $2000) would not be lucrative for him. I feel it was just because it was the right thing to do. I would definitely use their office again!

I am hoping next year I will be debt free. by Mickie Gable on 7/17/2022

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services has helped me. The agents are polite and truly concerned about what I was and still am going through. I was way over my head in debt. Then the place I worked went bankrupt. I had to make a choice, and I did. Best decision I made in 2019.

Good experience overall by Jeffie Downey on 7/9/2022

I had to turn a client in for my business due to non-payment after trying to collect two unpaid invoices for over five months. Finally, in a last-ditch effort Googled a collection company and came up with Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services. They contacted me and asked me for proof. The rest was history. They collected the balance in full and saved me a ton of time. I won't wait so long next time and will gladly turn these accounts over. The only problem is the customer service; they can be a little bit rude.

This Company is legit by Maxie Hamlin on 7/7/2022

I have been paying my debt to this company for my car. They have always been kind. I deal with a specific representative. Everyone's experience is different, but I am wondering at this point why they have not taken the money out of my account. It has been three days, and they have never taken this long to withdraw from my account. Four stars today, but overall I have never had an issue.

Thank you for all your years of excellent service by Gary Fortune on 7/3/2022

We have been working with this company for over ten years. That should speak for itself. The rep of Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services has been most helpful and honest. I would strongly urge any dental office or other business that needs an honest and reliable collection agency

Good service by Tommie Kennan on 7/3/2022

They are a great debt collectors team; I got my money back the same week; BCRS helped me resolve my case. Thank you very much! I will recommend your business. Management has put professional employees to handle consumer debt, and they do a good job of working with you

They were extremely gracious. by Rolando Obrien on 4/17/2022

The team at Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services was so courteous and helpful. They were incredibly gracious. I love how they helped us finish paying off our balance in a timely way. 5 Stars! I appreciate their super follow-up. I was delighted!

Working with BCR was super easy by Ralph Burke on 4/15/2022

Working with BCR was super easy, and after being treated poorly by several other collection agencies, I am happy to report my experience with Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services! They were able to find several individuals and collect on unpaid debt! I highly recommend his recovery services!

Much success to all of you! by Gerald Morton on 4/14/2022

We have a perfect experience and rapport working with Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services staff. We explained our situation, and they had a proper understanding of our capabilities in paying our debt in a timely fashion. Much success to all of you!

They were informative and helpful by Lonnie White on 4/12/2022

So glad I got that taken care of! Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services were super informative and helpful. Everything went surprisingly smooth. They were very knowledgeable of my needs and helped tremendously get my finances on track. I had a great experience overall.

They were responsive by Wade Simpson on 4/7/2022

Very professional company to work with! They were responsive, courteous, and did exactly what they said they would do in the promised time frame. Highly recommend! They’re very reasonable and professional personnel. And they’re always willing to help with any questions and concerns and ARE WILLING TO WORK WITH YOUR INCOME AND HOMELIFE.

I am happy. by Ruben Collier on 3/29/2022

The staff I've been working with have been great. I should have been watching my credit closer over time. They may only be medical bills, but they do affect your credit & we're looking at home refinance. Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services gave me dates of service, which medical facility, etc. Outstanding results. I am happy.

I will be sticking with them by Robin Newman on 3/27/2022

Very satisfied, fast, and excellent service! Highly recommend!! I will indeed be using it again in the future if needed. Thanks a lot, Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services. You are the Best!! We have used several collectors in the past, which have rarely been collected. They have collected on every account we have given them. I will be sticking with them for the foreseeable future.

They were not pushy. by Jack Dixon on 3/24/2022

I usually do not leave reviews; however, I feel obligated. I had a fantastic experience with this company. They were not pushy, had charming attitudes, and I felt they genuinely wanted to help me, and they did. If you have debt, this is a collection agency you would like to work with because they truly will help. So accept their calls.

We change to this collection agency by Vincent Klein on 3/17/2022

Our company switched to this collection agency, and I would highly recommend them to any business. They communicate, send timely payments, and are always professional and friendly. If you are a business in need of a collection agency, look no further.

Great option by Raymon Healy on 3/1/2022

One of the best collection agencies I have worked with is Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services. Their service is one of the most recommendable of all my previous agencies. No Recovery means no fees and helps you put in more money to enhance your business better. I have been their client for years, and my business has always been profit.

They are hands down the best collection agency I have ever used. by Leopoldo Goss on 2/21/2022

I have been using Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services for several years. They are hands down the best collection agency I have ever used. If I could change one thing, I wish I would have found them sooner. The entire staff is phenomenal. If I could give them 100 stars, I would.

They helped me with a payment. by Palmer Connolly on 2/17/2022

This company is fantastic, and they will definitely work with you on your payments. I recommend this company 1000%. They helped me pay off eviction from my college days. Do not hesitate to give them a call. This will be the best call you have ever made. When you get off the phone with this company, you promise you will be delighted. Their customer service was the best I have ever experienced.

Excellent support for small business by Keenan Sturm on 2/16/2022

Excellent support for small business owners. Occasionally we run into customers that do not want to pay for services rendered. We can not afford to allow these customers to take advantage of us. Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services is an excellent company with proven results to help us to collect on money owed.

They are cheerful and knowledgeable by Odell Maestas on 2/15/2022

I contacted this company to settle an outstanding debt that'd been accruing interest and chewing away at my credit score while I remained blissfully ignorant. I got in touch with them, who was cheerful, pleasant, and knowledgeable. They helped me settle my debt and, in my opinion, went above and beyond in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

They were pleasant and professional. by Gustavo Steele on 2/13/2022

I know collection agencies are no fun; however, they're just doing their job! I was able to work with Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services, and they were so helpful and friendly !! They were pleasant and professional. They made me feel hopeful in such a stressful time, so here are five stars for service!

My mom thanks you by Enrique Tate on 2/9/2022

Our experience with North American Recovery was terrific! I made a call on behalf of my mother. The representative was not only an absolute doll with her customer service. She was understanding, very helpful, and was just so fun to talk to; the transaction was a breeze. I definitely look forward to working with her again!

They are extremely helpful by Jacob Mcdonald on 2/6/2022

Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services is a great agency. Their staff is very knowledgeable and experienced. Anybody you may talk to knows what they're talking about, especially when you go through the proper verification processes they ask of you. If you get a call from them, I highly recommend taking it. They're only trying to be helpful!

Perfect by Wallace Ellis on 1/31/2022

After months of trying to resolve my issue with Sprint, I contacted BCR, and the case was resolved in a week. I should have gotten to them sooner. I would have saved myself all that frustration.

I get what I needed by Ralph Finnley on 1/28/2022

I was battling to pay my obligations, and one day I discovered Canyon Legal on the web. I connected, and they helped me a ton giving me the alleviation I required. Each individual I have spoken with on the team has given me fantastic help. Much appreciated.

Easy to work with by Pearce Shon on 1/25/2022

Great company! Super easy to work with. I had a bill that I THOUGHT my vision insurance took care of. Apparently not, and the eye doctor sent me to collections. I haven't had a collection on my credit report in YEARS! So I called New World, and they helped me take care of it immediately. They were very professional, and I am grateful they could help me resolve the issue in a very timely manner—great work by them.

Looking forward with them by Len Clayton on 1/23/2022

Seriously looking to continue with them in the future, the quality of the company is noticeable from day one of work, there were 2 people who were always closely following my case, they had extensive knowledge of the field, they knew which direction to move in each situation, that allowed the collection objective to be achieved.

Agency that gets results by Sal Caelan on 1/18/2022

If you are looking for an Agency that gets results, look no further. We are delighted with the service provided as they assisted in closing delinquent accounts very quickly. I would recommend them to anyone who requires assistance collecting past due balances.

Pleased with their services by Roy Sherman on 1/15/2022

I have worked with several collection agencies over my 23-year career. Benjamin Chaise Recovery Services has by far been the most effective and professional. I am so pleased with their services that they have been my exclusive go-to collection agency for 14 years.

The best customer service by Gordie Bradley on 1/11/2022

I thought that a collection agency would not prioritize the client, that the work would simply be incomplete due to collection problems, but BCR took care not to give up and collect all my money, fortunately, their team managed to do it. the impossible, to recover my money that I had been trying to collect for more than 4 years, they made it possible in a couple of months, thank you.

Love it by Alton Baker on 1/5/2022

Unfortunately, I had to resort to a collection agency since with the consequences of the pandemic we were feeling tight on money issues, we had to start collecting the money but we did not know how to start, we decided then to call BCR to take care of this, but, always with the respect that the debtor deserves, this could be completed and we were able to continue with our family business, thank you very much.

Time record by Joy_Brandy on 12/28/2021

Previously I had hired the services of another agency until something came up and I had to change to BCR, it turned out that they did a better job in less time, which surprised me, keep it up BCR !!

Professional assistant by Otto Cleve on 12/26/2021

They helped me so that the person who owed me paid me, we were able to reach a good agreement, the company is really very professional, no one was harmed and everything was always done with the best possible attitude, always looking for the best way for everyone involved

They collected my money by Elise Meriwether on 12/25/2021

I was afraid that they would not be able to find the client since we had made the attempt for several months to contact him without success, and they managed to do so and collect the money.

I will contact them again by Oscar Jones on 12/23/2021

We have several customer accounts that stopped paying, and we gave BCA a couple to help us with the collection process, we gave them what they needed and they updated us on how the process was going, very good attention

Great company by Finley Fick on 12/20/2021

We were able to collect the money without being rude, amazing treat by them, they have very hard-working people there, I will recommend their services to my friends, absolutely professional treatment here.

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