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Premier diving contractor in the U.S. for all pipeline inspection, construction, and repair in an underwater environment.
Central State Underwater Contractoing utilizes systems that allow for XYZ pinpoint on the bottom of the waterway, useful when dealing with government dredging operations and exposed pipelines. CSU uses RTK systems combined with static data to give you true elevation and location to the earth’s surface. The RTK system along with side-scan sonar combined with our drafting department ensures you get the best report in a timely manner (same day in some cases!).
Our new Multibeam System is an optional addition to the navigable waterway surveying giving the operator a more detailed look at the bottom of the waterway.

CSU has specially designed barges, dry welding caissons, and boats made for dynamic conditions to lift, lower, repair or transport pipeline in hard to reach areas.

CSU utilizes historical data charts and flow readings to identify and map the waterway over time. With this data in conjunction with our knowledgeable staff and advanced technology, CSU has the ability to stop erosion and even move the waterway back to its original course. With over 35 years of experience throughout the United States, CSU has completed bank stabilizations that range in size from small creeks to the Mississippi river. Let us show you how to fix it the right way the first time!
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Pipeline Construction, Pipeline Services, Diving Services, Cathodic Protection Services, Hurricane Response, Cathodic Protection Equipment, Pipeline Inspection Services, Underwater Survey, Underwater Inspection, Oil Pipeline Construction, Environmental Compliance/Management Training, Hydrographic Instruments, Marine Construction Services, Pipeline Inspection Equipment, Scour and Erosion Repair, Underwater Search And Recovery Services, Gas Pipeline Construction, Grout Bag Stabilization, D.O.T. Inspection, Pipeline Repair, Underwater welding, Depth of Cover Survey

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ADC, OSHA, ISNetworld, Avetta, PICS

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