Heidelberg German Shepherds


1623 Riley Fuzzell Rd
Spring, TX 77386-2716
(281) 350-3732
Heidelberg German Shepherds serves Spring, TX and is located in the 77386-2716 ZIP code.

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Boarding at Heidelberg by Holly K via Insider Pages on 6/18/2015

I have not purchased a GSD from Heidelberg, but based on how they treated my dog while she was in their care, I would never purchase an animal from them. \r \r I boarded my dog with Heidelberg from June 6 - June 15. When my husband picked…

Degenerative Myelopathy by John T via Insider Pages on 3/29/2013

We purchased a GSD from Heidelburg in 2004. Smart, energetic, and drop dead gorgeous. Unfortunately, at age 7 he developed Degenerative Myelopathy, a genetic disease of the spinal sheath. He lost the use of his legs, and the last year of…

great dogs by James J via Insider Pages on 11/27/2012

I bought my first dog from Heidelberg in 1987. She was a wonderful, loving companion and protector for all thirteen of her years. I bought a second male dog in 1989 and he was just as great as her and lived twelve years. I suspect vet…

First Do Your Research by Frank L via Insider Pages on 4/19/2012

Please don't jump into a purchase here. Go to other kennels. I can first say that I appreciate the amount of experience these guys have with this breed. I can also say that the dogs are beautiful. My overall experience with them is ok. My…

Buyer BEWARE !!! by G. F via Insider Pages on 2/11/2012

DO YOUR HOMEWORK on this place! All of these glowing reviews are VERY suspicious. In addition to Googling them and reading reviews on other sites, do the following:\r \r *Ask any vet you want to --they'll tell you to RUN from this place.…

Wonderful experiences by Jimmy R via Insider Pages on 10/25/2011

The staff here at Heidelberg are incredible!! They are very caring towards the customers and the dogs that stay there.The dogs here are healthy, and very smart.I have been coming here for over a decade now and have had many great…

Sam says Hi! by rach r via Insider Pages on 10/21/2011

Heidelberg is a wonderful German Shepard breeder. They devote their entire lives in making sure the puppies are happy and healthy. If you are looking for an amazing Shepard breeder, look no further!

sucks! by k s via Insider Pages on 10/20/2011

this man is RIDICULOUS! i cant tell u how many pups ive seen come thru the clinics ive worked for that are just pathetic! FYI his dogs show severe signs of in breeding. his b.s diet plan is so abnormal..sure feed his food if u want ur dog…

Thank you!!!! by Eugene T via Insider Pages on 10/19/2011

I love the German Shepard that I got from Heidelberg. He guards his family just like you said he would and has never had any guard dog training, its all instinctive!!! If I let someone in the house and say "friend" he will lick them to…

Big Thanks! by Jennifer G via Insider Pages on 10/17/2011

I cannot tell you all how happy I am that I found this WONDERFUL dog, friend, companion and alarm system. I am sure you hear stories like this all the time, but he has saved my home from being robbed or broken into on two separate…

Love this Dog by conaly g via Insider Pages on 10/13/2011

I love the dog I got from you guys. She shows her breeding very well. You would be very proud, I know I am. She is so smart. Thank you!

Amazing Dog by Dexter L via Insider Pages on 10/6/2011

We got our dog from Heidelberg and she is the most amazing dog. When I go out at night and take her with me she is never aggressive but ALWAYS alert. She is a great dog. Thank you.

wouldn't hesitate to recommend! by aubrey l via Insider Pages on 9/29/2011

This breeder lives and breaths for the betterment of the breed and truly cares and takes time to ensure all of her puppies are placed in only the best, stable, loving homes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

We love our new puppy by khloe j via Insider Pages on 9/29/2011

We love our new puppy, he is just amazing and so smart. The breeder really seemed to know the breed well and loved her dogs, they live as pets in the home and not in kennels.

Great dogs coming out of this breeder! by saul m via Insider Pages on 9/28/2011

I love the dog that I got from Heidelberg German Shepherd. She grew up to be a very nice dog. I am amazed at how my dog can control her strength as she loves to play with other dogs. It does not matter what size they are, she never over…

awesome! by pat n via Insider Pages on 9/21/2011

Great place! I would not bring my baby, Zane, anywhere else! He loves it here and I see why! The people here are so friendly! Thank you!

I love my Heidelberg German Shepherds by ashton e via Insider Pages on 9/7/2011

We have been the proud owners of eight Heidelberg German Shepherds. Each one was beautiful, healthy and extremely loving and protective with our children. I cannot imagine my life without a Heidelberg dot at my side!

Great Service! by ranger n via Insider Pages on 8/22/2011

I drive from downtown Houston to drop my dogs off there. They are just so happy to be there! .

Great dogs by delilah d via Insider Pages on 8/12/2011

Healthy Heidelberg German Shepherd puppies are the best of the breed! This breeder lives and breaths for the betterment of the breed and they truly care and take time to ensure all of her puppies are placed in only the best, stable, loving…

We ABSOLUTELY love our Heidelberg puppy! by Sarah S via Insider Pages on 8/10/2011

We ABSOLUTELY love our Heidelberg puppy! She is a great dog and she is such a sweetheart. She is so loving and gentle. Just last week I took her to my daughters Special Education class (she is one of the teachers for 10 or 12 handicapped…

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