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Electronics Manufacturing services for Original Equipment Manufacturers, Entrepreneurs, Crowd Funding, Crowd Sourcing, Technology Development Companies and Medical Equipment Manufacturers since 1991. We work with Engineers, Designers and Developers of Electronic Equipment and Purchasing Agents and Buyers helping build their electronic equipment and sub assemblies.

TASC works with companies helping in the design and development of their electronic product at any stage of their product development needs. While in the design and development stage we can help you with suggestions for the best circuit board layout and best component usage for your printed circuit board or cable or wire harnesses which saves you time and money before you begin manufacturing.. We can also help with chassis and enclosure choices. Software and Hardware development services offered. TASC offers Design for Manufacturing Reviews which helps our customers save time and money before the reach the stage of manufacturing. We can suggest the best component or part or material usage and the best lay out of your electronics which in the end saves time and money.

A partial listing of our services includes: cost-effective Circuit Board Assembly, Cable Assembly, Wire Harness Assembly, Box Builds, Prototypes, Electro Mechanical Assembly, Design and Development, and Circuit Troubleshooting and Repair. TASC can also help with your labor intensive assembly of your product be it electronic or not! If you outsource your electronics overseas for assembly but want to keep a part of your assembly in the USA you are able to pick which part of the assembly you need assistance with.

If you are behind the gun for reaching your targets that could not be met by outsourcing overseas or you outsourced your Circuit Boards or Cables or Electronics to be assembled and manufactured overseas and you need a revision to your assembly or the product contains defects-call TASC!

For small to medium runs of full custom electronic equipment builds we stage assembly lines for the speed and accuracy of equipment builds. Each assembler is trained on proper procedures-tool usage and knows the flow of the line they are working on and how to meet deadlines. On our production floor we have techs and assemblers with varying skill sets-from simple assembly to complex assembly-for electronic sub assemblies. Our solder line can solder to IPC 610 Class II and III standards-they can solder down to 0201 component size. Our cable assembly line builds custom cables complex to simple for small to medium runs for all types of equipment.

Examples of Electronic Equipment TASC has manufactured. TASC has either provided a full build of this equipment or provided circuit board Assembly, Cable Assembly or Wire Harness Assembly:
Laser Display Equipment for large venues
Elevator Communication Systems
Simulation Equipment
Mannequin testing equipment for results
Sub Contracting work for Government Contractors who need complex Circuit Board Assembly and Cables/Wire Harness Assembly for Homeland Security
Communication Systems for Marine and Land use.
Alarm and Monitoring for buildings Tunnels and Maritime.
Navigation Equipment
Ground Equipment for Airlines and Contractors who work on equipment for Airline manufacturing
Back Up Power Systems for Parking Garages
Echo sounders and Hydoacustic Equipment for monitoring and gathering data.
Equipment that monitors manufacturing facilities and backup systems if main system fails.
Theatrical motion picture projection. Automation and control devices for film and digital theater. presentation
Industrial Recycling Equipment that is sold to Municipalities and industrial facilities.
Industrial Communication Systems.
Logging Equipment.
Volcano Monitoring Equipment.
ROV Equipment for fortune 500 companies.
Underwater exploration equipment for water monitoring.
Microscope Equipment for industrial use.
POS Systems.
Printed Circuit Boards for Drones.
Printed Circuit Boards for Animation.
Control and Power Cables.
Equipment Cables.
Printed Circuit Board for Motorcycle Horn.
Sprinkler Equipment for Commercial Use.
Labor Intensive Assembly for Anything that needs to be put together!
Aerospace Ground Equipment.
Nursing Call Units (Printed Circuit Board).
Laboratory Equipment.
Power Supplies.
Protection Equipment.
Custom One Up Electronic Equipment Assembly
Crowd Funding Companies - design and development-prototyping-manufacturing of equipment-time lines established and planned.
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Products and Services

Design & Development of Electronic Equipment
Turnkey Parts and Materials Purchasing
Bill of Materials Creation
Expedited Assembly

Circuit Board Assembly, Custom Cable Assembly, Custom Wire Harness Assembly, Full Electronic Equipment Box Builds, Design and Development of Electronic Equipment

Our Specialties: IPC 610 Class II & III Soldering, Through Hole and Surface Mount, Design and Development of Electronic Equipment and Sub Assemblies, Hands on Help with your electronic equipment build, Rework of your circuit boards, cables and wire harnesses and full equipment box builds, Design for Manufacturing Reviews

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