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Fix and Flip Loan serves Seattle, WA and is located in the 98121 ZIP code.

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Fix and Flip Loan received an average rating of 4.67 out of 5 stars from 1119 reviews.

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Smooth experience by Stam on 2/15/2024

I had a good, smooth experience with them. The whole process was quick. It was easy to work with them as long as we weren't in a hurry. The application and processing were incredible. We were well-insured before making an offer for the loan.

Helpful by susan on 2/15/2024

Jessy demonstrated exceptional friendliness, knowledge, and professionalism. I would recommend anyone in need of a loan to seek her advice. The process was straightforward, and I completed it in under 10 minutes. The company is very supportive and eager to provide the working realtor with an advance to help us navigate a potentially lengthy period without closings. From my perspective, Robin was helpful and considerate.

Enjoy by Clinton on 2/14/2024

The application to Fix and Flip Loan went very smoothly overall. Everything was done online, by email and text, and I could reach out to anyone I wanted. It took two months from application to acceptance, but I was able to enjoy the work.

Awesome Service by hask on 2/14/2024

The very positive vibe when I walked in. Great with smiles and hellos. Very polite and helped me out so much today! She knows how to keep a smile and a laugh going. I would recommend her to anyone! Every experience I have had with quicken loans has been a delight. I find the representatives knowledgeable, thoughtful, and courteous.

Quickly by RekS on 2/14/2024

They were an absolute pleasure to deal with. The team was very knowledgeable and professional. I would enthusiastically recommend them to anybody who needs to buy or renegotiate their home. We are so glad we chose this company for our first investment property, because my loan officer and her team were great to work with. She had options to give us the best rate by a long shot, was accessible at the and available. We will always be grateful to her staff’s assistance and support.

Great customer service by Cindy on 2/13/2024

Everyone was attentive to my needs and provided Great customer service. Very professional, all requirements detailed in emails, texts, and follow-ups big company with knowledge. Highly Recommend!!

Better by Fuselier on 2/12/2024

I was working with a different lender and wasn't happy with the results. I had a few additional possibilities after running my credit with Fix and Flip Loan. Fix and Flip Loan had better closing expenses and matched the rate. They have an extremely speedy process for completing jobs.

Awesome Service by cole on 2/12/2024

We are first-time homebuyers, so having the simple mode to navigate was incredible. Late in July, we began, and on September 9th, we ended. It wasn't ideal that we had a few different reps working for us. It went well, though. Working with Fix and flip loan greatly simplified the procedure.

Wonderful by Pautn on 2/12/2024

We even received the closing disclosure more than a week before the closing, which was pretty impressive. All of the documentation arrived on time. The next time I want to buy or refinance, Working with your staff was accomplished. The process was quick and easy. The team was intelligent. Good??

Customer service by Janet on 2/11/2024

As part of my application, I contacted a customer service representative. The person in charge already had all my information and explained the final details. Then they introduced me to my loan coordinator, with whom I spoke on the phone several times. They responded to my questions and emails on time.

Better opportunity by Wong on 2/10/2024

They gave me a chance, refinanced my auto loan, and gave me the best rate possible. The customer agent helped me a lot. The team gave me extra benefits for refinancing through them. I recommend them to everyone trying to get a better opportunity.

Amazing by Zink on 2/10/2024

Simple and quick. I had never requested a loan before for this. I can now improve my credit because these guys made it so straightforward. They told me how to work on my credit and how i can better my credentials for my future. I never had anyone go over and beyond before, i finally felt like a valuable customer.

Exceptional by Florence Doyle on 2/8/2024

Fix and Flip Loan's transparency and communication were exceptional. We felt informed and confident in our decisions every step of the way. I'm really thankful to them, and will use them again in the future.

Good Service! by Chloe on 2/8/2024

Fix and Flip Loans is a respectable business. The staff members put in a lot of effort and are professional while responding to inquiries. My representative is patient. Finding her is always pretty simple. There are numerous questions that we can talk about. The subsequent emails arrive pretty quickly. They have my highest recommendation.

Amazing by Isra Guerrero on 2/7/2024

Fix and Flip Loan was incredible. Along with the title firms and all the other parties involved, they had us prepared to close in less than a week. It impresses me. Their price and terms were likewise the best I could discover.

Good Service! by Waters on 2/7/2024

Fix and Flip Loans have never put me in a difficult situation, and I'm pleased with their service. I advise anyone searching for a loan to use this company.

Incredible by Bertie Vaughn on 2/6/2024

Fix and Flip Loan’s community-focused approach made us feel like more than just clients. Their specialists took the time to understand our needs. I will use them again in the future.

Straightforward by Evan on 2/6/2024

Fix and Flip Loans received better ratings. I visited their website and loved the price I saw. Although the procedure was straightforward, it required a lot of paperwork because I am self-employed. I anticipated that. Also, sending the docs was simple, and the uploading process was easy. But at the time, it was significant enough for what it was. It took roughly 45 days to complete the application and underwriting procedure.

Flexibility by Emily Giles on 2/5/2024

Fix and Flip Loan’s flexibility and personalized approach set them apart. They worked with us to find a better solution to our problems. I will highly recommend them.

Expertise by Ian Johnston on 2/4/2024

Fix and Flip Loan's expertise was evident throughout the process. They navigated us through the complexities of the loan paperwork with professionalism. The customer service was convenient, and the recorded explanation was understandable and precise.

I love how easy it is to use the website by Erma h on 1/31/2024

I love how easy it is to use the website and get things done online. I was able to upload the documents. The staff was also incredible and helpful. If you want to streamline your processes, Fix and Flip Loan is for you. Fix and Flip Loan has helped me through many financial problems and has me on the right track. You have been a lifesaver where the employees are the best. Always knowledgeable and answers questions without hesitation.

A friend recommended Fix and Flip Loan by Rutherford j on 1/30/2024

A friend recommended Fix and Flip Loan, and I have recommended them to many others. I used it myself after they had a good experience. The application process was entirely online, and communication was done by email. It was easy. Uploading the requested documents was easy.

My experience with Fix and Flip Loans was fantastic. by Bianca k on 1/29/2024

It was good that the first person I was in touch with was patient in answering all my queries. It was incredible to have a person to chat with because I was a little hesitant to use an online platform. My experience with Fix and Flip Loans was fantastic. Regarding it being an online thing, I had my doubts. They were spot on. Their rate was excellent. There are no costs connected to the loan.

Fix and Flip Loan was excellent and easy to use. by Keene j on 1/28/2024

Fix and Flip Loan was excellent and easy to use. The underwriting and application processes both went quickly. I had to talk to the reps a little after my loan servicer changed, and they were always pleasant. They provided me with a deal in the end, and the loan officer I had did everything he could to keep this rate locked in. I was content with it.

The rates that Fix and Flip Loan offered by Bradley M on 1/28/2024

The rates that Fix and Flip Loan offered were the best. Additionally, a better contract overall. Everything was simple and easy to do. It was everything done online. The rep assisted us. The representative was available to help us if we had any questions. She did a great job at it. I'd advise using Fix and Flip Loan. It was a simple procedure.

5 STAR CREDIT REVIEW by Frank on 1/25/2024

I am so happy to have consulted RAPID RESCORE CREDIT for my credit repairs. I discovered that I had 5 negative items on my credit most especially IRS, delayed payments and loans and over 7 hard inquiries from every bureaus and it hindered me from moving forward in my business. I could not access any loan so I started looking for ways to salvage my condition, I then discovered this specialist (RAPID RESCORE CREDIT) on reddit though there were other ones there but my instinct directed me towards Mr Jackson. I was asked for funds to get started with the job and I gave them the benefit of doubt and made some commitments. My fico score was moved from 609 to an excellent score (799) and all the negatives were deleted from my report. Right now I have a clean profile with wonderful trade lines. I’m recommending their services to anyone in dire need of credit fix, you can reach them via JACKSONRAPIDCREDITSCORE@GMAIL.COM

Highly recommended! by Peggy Y on 1/25/2024

Highly recommended! The customer service was excellent, and I got the loan. I was in a tight spot financially, and this loan service came through for me. They were a lifesaver! The interest rates were reasonable, and the repayment terms were flexible. I'm happy with this loan. I'm impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of this loan provider. They made borrowing stress-free.

Wonderful by coal on 1/25/2024

They were very communicative and good at replying to emails. We exchanged many emails. I wish I had used my phone more, but I preferred to get things done by email. I also like to have everything online. There were some weird technical glitches, but people fixed them. Overall, I was happy with Fix and flip loan.

knowledgeable by Abercrombie on 1/24/2024

I will recommend this place for its very positive energy. When you have a bit of a ruff, you already feel bad enough. Reno made me feel very welcome. I thank you for your positive words. Reno is helpful, professional, and a great asset to your team. The service skills of the Fix and Flip team were informative and knowledgeable.

Fantastic by vaug on 1/24/2024

The speed of the loan and money transfer was great!!! Real help for me to get the deal I faced!!! Thanks for all your help!!! My experience with this loan company was nothing short of excellent. From start to finish, they delivered exceptional service. I'm grateful for their assistance and would choose them again.

Painless process,Fast turnaround by Victoria B on 1/23/2024

I am so grateful for the timely processing and transfer. Your company has been a great source of financial stress relief. I would highly recommend Fix and Flip Loan to anyone. Painless process. Fast turnaround. Fast, and the paperwork is simple to complete. The process was easy, and the funding was fast.

Awesome Service by Zinke on 1/23/2024

Excellent service did everything they promised.
Excellent and secure method of borrowing money. Quick and fast and no penalties for early repayment. I would recommend it!
I highly recommend this company. They are fast and efficient and are always there to help!!

Friendly and helpful employees. by Hutchings on 1/22/2024

Ease of application, pleasant people that work there. I've used Regional previously without an issue.
Friendly and helpful employees. Easy to apply for a loan, and you get a check the same day.
She was very friendly and helpful and answered all my questions. They were knowledgeable and compassionate about my needs and what I wanted to accomplish.

Fantastic by Vaitly on 1/22/2024

They were patient and helpful people. They did everything in a short amount of time, got me in and out in no time, and helped me make sure I had everything I needed and helped me make sure I had everything I needed. I would recommend them if you need a loan quickly without hassle.

Wonderful by fabin on 1/22/2024

Excellent and secure method of borrowing money. Quick and fast and no penalties for early repayment. I would recommend it!
I highly recommend this company. They are fast and efficient and are always there to help!!
Fix and flip loan manager took over my case and offered me the loan I wanted after relooking at my application for me. So I am very grateful.
They know what they're doing from start to finish. To everyone on the team, many thanks.

Easy to start the application process. by Susan V on 1/21/2024

This company is an absolute lifesaver. I have used them twice for debt consolidation loans. From start to end, you have your money in a week. I can't say enough good things! I must say that after you are approved, you will receive your funds in a week. Easy and fast. Easy to start the application process. Fast decisions on the application. I just started, so let's see the rest of the process.

Painless and easy by Raymond on 1/20/2024

I worked with the manager, who was amazed. Most of my conversations were with the manager, who made everything painless and easy. Very knowledgeable and always either answered the phone or got right back to me. I would recommend Fix and Flip Loan to anyone.

Amazing by LIKYY on 1/20/2024

We appreciate many of you working on days off to make it happen. You all went above and beyond to ensure that this process went smoothly. Again, thanks.
I'm making my first home purchase. It was wonderful having them handle every aspect of the home-buying process while working with a well-organized team.

Incredible by Ryan Fox on 1/18/2024

The application process was easy. Fix and Flip Loan has an online portal, so you can easily upload each completed document and track progress. It was easy and incredible.

Straightforward by Mungo on 1/18/2024

Fix and Flip Loans received better ratings. I visited their website and loved the price I saw. Although the procedure was straightforward, it required a lot of paperwork because I am self-employed. I anticipated that. Also, sending the docs was simple, and the uploading process was easy. But at the time, it was significant enough for what it was. It took roughly 45 days to complete the application and underwriting procedure.

Awesome by Celeste Barr on 1/17/2024

Fix and Flip Loan agree a bit. I took out a regular loan. The first part of the process was pretty easy. In general, there were many complications for first-time buyers. Other than that, it was relatively easy.

knowledgeable by Negri on 1/17/2024

I worked with Fix and Flip Loan on the purchase of my fully highly recommend Fix and Flip Loan! It was helpful and knowledgeable. rst investment property. It was a scary time for me. But Fix and Flip Loan made it easy for me and took the stress out of the buying process. I couldn't be happier with choosing to work with them.

Great experience by Kinlaw on 1/16/2024

It is a quick procedure that very effectively solved my difficulties. I didn't need to hear, "Sorry, we're sorry we can't help you.". The money came at the right time. Great experience every time.

Instantly by Zara David on 1/16/2024

Fix and Flip Loans lived up to their name. They processed my loan application instantly, and the funds were in my account the next day. I highly recommend it!

Secured by Hana Rocha on 1/15/2024

Fix and Flip Loan helped me secure a low-interest mortgage for my first home. Their expertise is unmatched. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Great Experience by Bobadilla on 1/15/2024

Today was a great experience with the Fix and Flip Loan manager. If we could have more people like him, the team was also very caring with a great personality. I am happy with the outcome.

Excellent by Edith Frank on 1/14/2024

Fix and Flip Loan made the whole loan process a breeze. Their customer service was excellent, and the interest rates were competitive. I'll be using them again.

Impressed me by Gose on 1/14/2024

The representatives let me know if I have any worries or inquiries. The niceness of them impressed me. I've seen individuals handle situations, and they weren't exactly kind. Now that I own a home, Fix and Flip Loan greatly assisted me. I'd use them once more.

Quickly by Shannon Knapp on 1/13/2024

My experience was good. The process moved quickly. In two months, we finished. The fact that I can pick my rates is a plus. If I buy credits up front, I don't have to wait for anyone. That's wonderful.

Helpful by Cayer on 1/13/2024

The experience was helpful and smooth. Even making a collateral call to the company. The representative was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend it to everyone. Good luck.

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