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Fix and Flip Loan serves Seattle, WA and is located in the 98121 ZIP code.

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Fix and Flip Loan received an average rating of 4.53 out of 5 stars from 674 reviews.

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helpful by Brooke on 2/3/2023

This app has defenitely helped me get out of tough economical situations. I highly suggest you use it and pay it back little by little so you get approved more in the future.

Fast and easy to apply by Minjares on 2/3/2023

This is so fantastic I can pay my credit cards off and have one payment for half of what I was spending on payments every month. Thanks Fix and Flip Loan.

Assistance by Kaydence Douglas on 2/3/2023

Thank you to all employees who assisted me throughout this process, at times it was hard to reach people when I wanted to get a single number in order to make an offer on the house but patience is a virtue. The team I had working with me were professionals. I would advise everyone who is looking to purchase a home to work with Fix and Flip Loan and I hope you receive the same assistance or better when purchasing a home. Thank you, Fix and Flip Loan!

Significant Savings! by Bader on 2/3/2023

Excellent to work with, attentive to every detail, excellent service, and significant savings. Our refinancing went off without a hitch thanks to Fix and Flip Loans and the entire team! We adored our agent. kept us updated at all times. I'm grateful!

Very great!!! by Hannah on 2/2/2023

Very great!!!!!! I absolutely love using fix and flip for loans. No random numbers thrown at you out of the blue. It straight making payments when you can for a loan.

Good rate and good service. by Alejo on 2/2/2023

I was happy with the rate they provided me. The application went so fast and smoothly. I was impressed. Since I already had a loan with them, no paperwork was needed.

Strongly Recommended by Chanel Aron on 2/2/2023

The whole team was able to help me through the refinancing process, despite my overwhelming anxiety about it. Despite my busy schedule, I was able to communicate with them via email and text messaging. The fact that the process only took about three weeks astonishes me. I strongly recommended Fix and Flip Loan.

Excellent customer service! by Tripp on 2/2/2023

Owen Hungerford, the person I spoke with, provided excellent customer service and assisted me in obtaining a small business loan. He worked quickly and provided me with several loan options. Overall, I am very pleased with the service I received.

Hospitality by Greta Magnus on 2/1/2023

The people at Fix and Flip Loans are what make the company a great place of service. They went above and beyond to make sure myself and my family got exactly what we wanted. Their hospitality was like I've never experienced before.

Thanks Fix and Flip Loan by Emert on 2/1/2023

The loan process was fairly easy. Rate was okay considering the current prime due to inflation. Not happy with the fee. I should have used a different company and I would have avoided that. Money was deposited within 2 days.

Professional Staff! by Matteo on 2/1/2023

The staff here is very professional and has a lot of experience and knowledge, which they use to make each step as simple as possible so that you don't have to worry about paperwork and can concentrate on real-world tasks. There couldn't have been a better group.

Amazing loan company by Amber on 2/1/2023

Amazing loan company no matter my not so great credit they were there to help when I needed them.You guys have been there everytime I really needed it.I appreciate you guys so much

Communication by Paula Lachlan on 1/31/2023

Fix and Flip Loans' team are fantastic. I've never had a better mortgage experience. They have a lot of knowledge, are good with numbers, and are great at communicating. They always responds to your inquiries and concerns directly. I also like that they provide a weekly summary of the loan's status, including progress, next steps, and other information. The entire procedure runs so smoothly.

Great experience by Jerrold on 1/31/2023

The loan was fast and really quick best of all, the loan monthly repayment is low as well. You can't beat this elsewhere interest low overall best offer/repayment.

Excellent Experience! by Asher on 1/31/2023

I'd like to talk about how easy and quick it was to work with the Fix and Flip Loan. Due to the consolidation of my credit cards into a single loan, I no longer have to pay multiple creditors. Excellent experience; if you want to consolidate debt and struggle with multiple creditors, I highly recommend this business.

life saver by Mary on 1/31/2023

This was such an easy process. Very useful in time of an emergency. Easy and flexible repayment options. Interest is a little high but if you pay it right back, no worries. Have dealt with other lenders that have been predatory, but this is very legit.

Straightforward by Bailee Grey on 1/30/2023

My experience with Fix and Flip Loans was incredible. I excepted this process to be much more difficult, but everyone I worked with made the process so straightforward and simple, and they were so nice and helpful all along the way.

Simple by Saoirse Briar on 1/30/2023

We could never have been more happy with Fix and Flip Loans. They went above and beyond to answer all of our questions and work with us throughout the entire home-buying and closing process. Their service, attention to detail, and communication were unmatched. The whole team, thank you for your outstanding support!

loveable by Sophia on 1/30/2023

I just love Fix and flip loans!! They helped me alot and it was a quick easy process! I love that they contact credit bureaus when I pay off my loan which raised my credit score.

Simple Process! by Sean on 1/30/2023

Fix and Flip made the entire procedure, from start to finish, simple. The whole process went off without a hitch thanks to the quick communication and great working relationship. If you're looking to refinance or apply for a HELOC, I highly recommend him.

Good Services by Vincent on 1/28/2023

My experience with Richard A. was a outstanding experience. Very technically sound, customer service friendly understands customer service completely. Is able speak comprehensively and understands things comprehensively rare qualities. Groom Richard for increased levels of responsibilities and help propel the organization.

Fast and Fantastic by Jackey on 1/28/2023

looking around for debt consolidation and some cash for several projects, we went to our account on fix and flip for a personal loan. Answered a few questions and inside 15 minutes had approval. Within 4 hours, the money was in our account. Fast and Fantastic, thanks.

successful by Climpson on 1/27/2023

At first, I was having so many issues with getting signed on. But a phone call to the # listed, I reached a gentleman named Maki. My call reached him at a little before 7 PM and he was so patient and very understanding. He stayed on the phone to get it corrected till almost 8 PM. What a wonderful thing, he stated he wanted to resolve my sign on issue. So after many different things, we were successful. After that issue the application went very smoothly.

Very fast by parkins on 1/27/2023

Very fast but thorough at the same time. Protected my identity each time I called by verifying questions that only I would know answers to. Thank You Fix and Flip!

amazing by Kellow on 1/26/2023

The reason for the four stars...I had to assist with getting the loan closed due to some paperwork that was needed from VA. From start to finish my loan Officer Tiffani was outstanding! She needs to be running the company and teach customers service skills. Most of the individuals that I came into contact with were very knowledgeable. You will know exactly where your loan is in the process. From start to finish it was under 40 days for my loan to close. Make sure if they ask for paperwork you get it in quickly.

Awesome Sevice by Patty on 1/26/2023

As a returning customer the process was even quicker and easier to get approved. I was actually approved for more than the requested amount. During a very stressful time I was happy to see the funds deposited in my bank account on the same day of approval. Jeremy was professional, courteous, and kind during the entire process. Thank you.

Fix and Flip loan is very easy by ebling on 1/26/2023

Fix and Flip loan is very easy to work with. there response is very quick. the funding time take a few days but that is to be expected. Thank you Fix and Flip loan.

Great by Malcolm on 1/25/2023

I have took out about 3 small loans with this company. They are easy to work with, accommodations are smooth when calling to request changes. Chat service is great.

Quick expedite service by farnum on 1/25/2023

Quick expedite service. I love the fact that I can request and get everything completion without even speaking to an agent. You made the process so easy and funding was fast!!! Recommend Fix and Flip to EVERYONE!!

OUTSTANDING SERVICE by Gepp on 1/25/2023

The very professional and courteous way I had with your employee. Friendly, polite, and knowledgeable. Treated me with the utmost respect, and patience, which is quite rare these days. As far as my experience I would highly recommend fix and flip Loans to others. If I had to put it into one word, it would be " OUTSTANDING SERVICE " Thank You.

So fast and easy by Reibey on 1/24/2023

This was the easiest process I have r we ver experienced!! It was amazing!! Applied and was approved within 5 minutes!! Great experience!! So fast and easy. Helped me bring down credit card debt and credit score way up. So quick I was amazed.

Awesome Sevice by Steven on 1/24/2023

I have been a customer off and I for a few years now. I was calling to move a payment to the end due to Christmas coming up. The agent I had was so compassionate and helpful I also got extra cash for Christmas! I felt so relieved and my payments were only a little more than what I have been paying. I am so thankful!

The whole process was sooo easy by rehm on 1/24/2023

The whole process was so easy. I finished the application and expected I wouldn’t hear anything for days. Or possibly be denied. But a couple of days later I got an email saying I was approved and the next day funds were in my account

Fast Loan by Hendry on 1/21/2023

The process was quick and we were able to get the loan funded quickly. Got almost all of our credit cards paid off. Thank you Fix and Flip Loan. Very fair, efficient and transparent. Minimal paperwork. Highly recommend.

Come Back Again and Again! by Aleta on 1/20/2023

We have used Fix and Flip Loan multiple times to consolidate debt. The process is extremely easy and we are able to get the money we need quickly. Would highly recommend!

Great service by Shizuko on 1/19/2023

Fix and Flip Loan always comes in handy when I need a loan!! The customer service are ALWAYS helpful and polite!! Thank you Fix and Flip Loan team.

Very easy process by Kalish on 1/18/2023

Fix and Flip Loan did an excellent job. Thank goodness there are still loan companies out here like them. They got the money to me right away I needed for RX, medical supplies etc. I was able to pay off loan early without any hassle.

Very easy process by Evelina on 1/17/2023

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when applying but I'm glad I did because the process was super smooth the rates were good I knew what my monthly bill and rate would be before I agreed. Overall this loan was truly a blessing to help me get to where I needed to be.

Easy to use by Stilwell on 1/1/2023

Able to get the loan I needed in a quick manner and also any additional funds without having to do a separate loan. Which was nice. Thank you Fix and Flip Loan.

Good experience by Adelman on 12/31/2022

Good experience overall from Fix and Flip Loan . I was able to pay them off no problems. And says I can reapply when I choose to. Thanks Fix and Flip Loan.

Professionalism by presler on 12/31/2022

The process was extraordinary, expedited and fuss-free. After uploading or taking pics of all the financial documents, I was approved within 2-3 business days. The loan funds were deposited into my bank account the next business day. I was quite impressed with the professionalism and business savvy of the whole experience.

Fantastic service by Ciera on 12/30/2022

They helped me when I was in a tough spot financially and for that I'm truly grateful. My experience with them was seamless and I have already recommended them to others.

Satisfied by carrara on 12/30/2022

I appreciate the easy process from completing the application, emailed updates on the process, approval, and funding. I did not have to wait long for the funds to be in my account. I would highly recommend Fix and Flip!

Easy to use by Hussey on 12/29/2022

They help me when I need it the most. Costumers service are there to help you in any questions you may have. Thank you Fix and flip loan.

Highly Recommended by matherne on 12/29/2022

I started my application on a Tuesday had the money in my account before Friday. fast and easy application. I would recommend for anyone who needs extra cash in a hurry. Paid down my credit cards and used some for moving. Will use again if ever needed and highly recommend for anyone

great service by Monika on 12/29/2022


Very helpful by Collazo on 12/28/2022

Professional, understanding and flexibility during these times is a rare quality to see in corporate America. Excellent customer service and reasonable payment plan. very affordable for short term needs

Good Rates by cedillo on 12/28/2022

Fix and Flip Loan is always there to help and gives you good rates and good payments to choose from. It's also quick and easy to apply. The people are courteous and polite to speak to when confirming your information.

Super fast and Super Easy by morgenstern on 12/27/2022

Super fast and super easy. I still can't believe how easy it is. I had the money in my account in 4 days. Done very well, it was fast and no problem. Thank you.

Awesome by Samira on 12/27/2022

I have very bad credit and thanks you Fix and Flip loan . I have been able to receive assistance when I needed it the most and it has helped me rebuild my credit. Thanks Fix and Flip loan.

highly recommend by Mathias on 12/27/2022

Fix and flip Loans is always there for me when I need them. They are fair with their rates and are clear with the payment terms. I would highly recommend them.

Very Easy by cottas on 12/26/2022

The process was seamless and very easy. My loan was approved within 7 days and deposited into my checking account. Because of this loan, I was able to rid myself of some very high interest credit card accounts.

The application was extremely simple, loan options were vast by Menkens on 12/25/2022

I received a loan for debt consolidation purposes. The application was extremely simple, loan options were vast, uploading documents took about 1 minute, and the following day the money was in my account. Highly recommended.
It was painless experience, not like going to the brick and mortar bank.

Super easy. Very helpful. by pooley on 12/24/2022

Super easy. Very helpful.
Now that I got my loan n paid off my credit cards I’m very relaxed now, no more stressing about keeping track of my due dates. One monthly payment that’s it!

Very quick service by Lambeth on 12/23/2022

Very quick service for 30k unsecured loan! Had questions and called customer service and someone live answered the phone in a very quick time period given the market environment! Very please with how simply and quickly the process went! Thanks again for your service!

Easy process w/o surprises by conerly on 12/23/2022

The loan and application process is very easy and thorough. If you have any questions, the customer service reps are ready to assist anyway they can. The sooner you get the info that's requested, to them, the smoother the process goes. My loan will definitely allow me to transition into a stronger financial position, without having to stress over making multiple payments to different creditors.

Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly. by Stoneman on 12/23/2022

So fast and easy. Helped me bring down credit card debt and credit score way up. So quick I was amazed. Everything was easy to understand, and follow all the procedures. A very good experience. Everyone was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Great rates by eisenhart on 12/22/2022

Easy and within a week or two the money was in my bank account. Payments I could afford. Payed off all my debts. I highly recommend Fix and Flip Loan to any and everyone needs a loan they are fast and have Great rates and easy to apply.

A great move for me by Stillwell on 12/22/2022

I went thru the pre-approved process for my loan application. The information was precise and easy to understand. The entire process took about 30 minutes which I thought was super fast. I also like being given the choice of a 36 month term or a 60 month with no prepay penalty. This process is the way to go. I was linked to this bank through Credit Karma. I am happy I did not ignore the recommendation.

RKT just makes it simple for me. by Peach on 12/22/2022

RKT just makes it simple for me. I like clicked some buttons, connected my bank account, and was done. It's hard to believe how easy it was to complete. The process was fast and efficient. Application to check disbursement was within 24 hours. I will definitely recommend to friends.

Super excited, but still have questions... by Guse on 12/21/2022

I'm super excited about qualifying for an unsecured loan with a reasonable annual percentage rate of interest. The only thing that would make this process beyond exceptional is if the loan amount availability was clearly delineated. I'm interested to know if this loan will be deposited to my bank so that I may pay off my credit cards myself, or if my credit cards will be automatically paid off for me. Perhaps I missed this crucial piece of information while I was applying for the loan?

Easy to apply by marson on 12/21/2022

This is my third time using Fix and Flip Loan to pay down my high interest credit cards. The process was easy and quick. Also it's soo convenient that Fix and Flip Loan pays the credit cards directly. I would suggest their services to everyone.

Great service by Erhart on 12/21/2022

A company that actually helps their customer base with short term loans. Always there for their customers and provides actual advice and support when called upon. Very grateful that there is a quality short term loan company that I can go to if and when I need extra funds. Than you..

perfect by Birnie on 12/21/2022

Jade was great and easy to convers with. I would suggest that the "review team" review all provided information before asking individual questions in succession. I would make the process go faster and smoother.

Quick and Easy by Blanc on 12/20/2022

The process was quick and easy and information was presented in a clear manner. Everything was done online. I think I made a wise choice and feel like I can move forward with my financial goals.

Outstanding service by Kerferd on 12/20/2022

So, I went though fix and flip Loans because their rates were lower and I had the chance to prequalify without my credit being impacted. During the duration of the loan, it was super simple to make payments and I never had an issue with them. Overall, I'm satisfied with the company and will most likely be a returning customer.

Its Super easy to apply and get funded by Lockhart on 12/19/2022

Its Super easy to apply and get funded. Tell them what you need and how much you make. They will give you an instant quote. You give them the supporting documents and they will come back with a pre approval loan offer. Mine was about .75 above the quote. I accepted and got a verification call the next day. The same day I accepted. Its quick and easy!

get me approved by Goward on 12/19/2022

This was the most simple and easy way for me to get a loan in my whole life (and that's a long time).

Great work on making the process so simple and efficient!

Awesome company by Carlota on 12/3/2022

I love Fix and Flip Loan ! When I need assistance they are there. I have not problems with them. They have been good to me in time of need.

wonderful experience. by Wood on 12/3/2022

This has been a wonderful experience. I really appreciate how you allow me to refinance my loan and continue to elevate my credit score.This company is so easy to work with and payment dates are flexible to fit my needs. Have used them a few times never a problem.

Amazing by Markita on 12/2/2022

I am very happy with all your worker, they are very good handle the question and explain very clear. Amazing loan lowest rates for bad credit and gives you perks for staying with them

great frim by Hurst on 12/2/2022

I have had several loans. They have helped me when I'm in a blind. They come in hand during the holidays. And best of all, the boost my credit at the same time.

A Great Experience by Larry on 12/2/2022

Fix and Flip Loan provided us with an excellent experience. This did a great job of explaining the specifics of the loan and always included relevant examples for various properties and price ranges. Throughout the entirety of the process, this was extremely responsive. We always had the impression that we were aware of the exact stage of our loan. Working with Fix and Flip Loan is something we highly recommend.

good job by Juana on 12/1/2022

I love working with Fix and flip Loans. They aren't pushy, but they are there to help in any way possible. I would recommend them to anyone who needs funds.

fantastic by oliver on 12/1/2022

Their service, attention to detail, and communication were unmatched. The whole team, thank you for your outstanding support!When I needed them again in a short amount of time, it was simple to apply again and get approved. There is nothing negativ...

Smart Thinking! by Rio on 12/1/2022

Ms. Kim in Philadelphia was fantastic, as this was my first loan to consolidate my credit cards. She was so helpful and attentive to every detail. She will definitely be recommended to my friends! I'm grateful to Fix and Flip Loan.

Good Services by Louise on 11/30/2022

Received a very prompt response. Customer Service Representative was very patient while I accessed the requested documentation needed to complete my paperwork for processing. I received excellent customer service

The application was easy. by Tanaka on 11/30/2022

The application is easy. The funds were deposited quickly. Because there is not prepayment penalty, I was able to pay down my balance without a penalty which saved me a load of cash in interest.

fantastic by richard on 11/30/2022

Their follow-up and responsiveness have been unmistakably those of a professional who truly cares about other people, even after the fact. I am so grateful to you for all of your assistance.

Brilliant Service! by Hank on 11/30/2022

Brilliant, Straightforward, and Quick Cycle as far around as possible. I have used them already and dealt with the credit. When I needed them again in a short amount of time, it was simple to apply again and get approved. There is nothing negative to say about Equilibrium Credit. An extraordinary organization that has supported me when I needed them most.

FIx and flip Loans are the BEST. by Troxel on 11/30/2022

FIx and flip Loans are the BEST! They were there when I needed emergency help. They allow me to work out my own set payment dates, and the payments are so reasonable.

Excellent by Priolo on 11/29/2022

Fix and Flip Loan is very friendly- Expensive but it is noted up front. Very quick- customer service is the best. I will continue using as necessary. Manage it correctly and pay it off --- Easy.

Awesome by Nancy on 11/29/2022

I'm a new customer with . I found the service to be very professionaal, courteous, and a delight. They scheduled my psyments and went over everything with me in detail. I hope to be a customer for a very long time....I will refer them to anyone who need a quick loan without the hassle.

fantastic by thomas on 11/29/2022

Everything is done on the computer and Fix and Flip Loan is quick at processing your documents. I would say from the time I applied and received the approval was within 1 day. Then, I received the funds I requested within 2 business in my account. This was done in record breaking time. Which is A plus in my book. There were No delays....just quick processing! Thanks Fix and Flip Loan

Fast and easy by Ernest on 11/29/2022

Fast, so VERY easy and your dealing with a direct lender and not an endless vicious circle of the loan application game. Another perk...NO more endless phone calls from people claiming you've been approved for a ridiculous amount of money trying to scam you

Great Experience by fearn on 11/29/2022

It was a wonderful experience working with Fix and flip loans. Everything was done in a highly professional, proficient and equitable manner. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

Impressive working style. by Shiloh on 11/28/2022

This conversation flows so quickly and easily. It only takes a few minutes and is very simple. I'm so happy that this is an option for me. To combine my commitment and manage things that have higher advance expenses. Thank you very much.

Awesome company by Lapine on 11/28/2022

Fix and Flip Loan is an awesome company, but loan rates need to be much lower. However, the money gets deposited into your account as promised within 1 day. Great for emergencies and they do allow you to pay off the loan early. I have been with them for years and it has been an awesome partnership!

EXCELLENT by Laux on 11/28/2022

We could never have been more happy with Fix and Flip Loans. They went above and beyond to answer all of our questions and work with us throughout the entire home-buying and closing process. Their service, attention to detail, and communication were unmatched. The whole team, thank you for your outstanding support!

Great by Olga on 11/28/2022

Very first a little rocky because app was approved but associate did not complete process so I had to call and have them redo the process but after that.. very satisfied.
Was well informed and very kind. Generally concerned for my safety because he thought I was driving. But overall, he was amazing.

Grateful by Carly Corey on 11/26/2022

For my home mortgage, I went through Fix and Flip Loans, and everyone I've dealt with has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I am indebted to them for providing me with this experience. The team deserves special praise because they has gone above and beyond for everything I have asked of them. Their follow-up and responsiveness have been unmistakably those of a professional who truly cares about other people, even after the fact. I am so grateful to you for all of your assistance.

Outstanding by Lono on 11/26/2022

My first time experience was unbelievable. Do to that reason I feel this establishment really put themselves in our place in order to really help us. I am very grateful doing business with them.THANK YOU FIX AND FLIP LOAN

Helpful by Mada on 11/25/2022

It has been an absolute pleasure working with FIX AND FLIP LOAN. Everyone that I have worked with has been friendly and have always done a little extra to meet my unique needs. I will continue to use them for financial needs in the future.

Excellent by Milan Makai on 11/25/2022

After my initial lender failed to meet the agreed-upon deadline, the Fix and Flip Loans' team came to my rescue. Fix and Flip Loans received an appraisal in less than a week. Their communication was excellent; they kept me informed and responded to all of my questions within an hour at each stage. They assisted me in closing in under thirty days. Fix and Flip Loans is an excellent option.

Outstanding by Flora Raphael on 11/24/2022

We could never have been more happy with Fix and Flip Loans. They went above and beyond to answer all of our questions and work with us throughout the entire home-buying and closing process. Their service, attention to detail, and communication were unmatched. The whole team, thank you for your outstanding support!

Amazing by Shawn on 11/24/2022

Good company and great folks to work with in the office! Very fast approval and painless completion of loan. Easy Payment options. Anytime you want walk thought the door the welcome with smile,
Mr. Or Ms.what can I do for you today. The customers are very friendly and polite when I enter there to make my payments.

Exactly what I needed! by Kuebler on 11/23/2022

I went into Fix and Flip Loan with a bit of skepticism, it's not the first debt consolidation company I've seen and was completely surprised! I was able to get exactly what I needed to consolidate my credit card debt at a third of the rate I was paying for my card. Not only that, I am getting paid out the same day! The whole process took less than 15 minutes including auto-pay being setup. It's incredible the peace of mind I have after such a short time. I only regret not applying sooner.

Pleasure by Lilian Kenzo on 11/23/2022

After speaking with a number of lenders, we settled on Fix and Flip Loans. As first-time homebuyers, we appreciated Fix and Flip Loans' quick responses to questions and thorough explanations of each lending procedure step. Even our real estate agent expressed admiration for Fix and Flip Loans in a comment. It was a pleasure to work with the entire team.

Outstanding by pete on 11/23/2022

FIX AND FLIP LOAN has been the most pleasant understanding and helpful lender I have dealt with in many years. Jamie and Paige are always there to assist us in any financial need we may have. They are always careful to completely inform us of our options, possibilities, and give a clear and simple explanation of our responsibility to repay. Additionally, they are quick to listen if we may have needed some special arrangement! Thank you, Jamie and Paige, You set the bar high!

Friendly by merrit on 11/22/2022

Well I heard about the ad on the radio several times and I ignored it so this time I decide to go ahead and apply and see how it will go so I filled out all the information that they needed and it went very well and I got approved so my money wasn't deposited in my account with the next day so thank you so very much it really helped me.

Responsive by Macy Jamison on 11/22/2022

I had the best lending experience of my life thanks to Fix and Flip Loans! They worked quickly, were friendly, responsive, and efficient. My mortgage loan was paid off in just over two weeks. The service is excellent as a result of the emphasis placed on employee cross-training and putting the customer first.

Very important by Romo on 11/22/2022

Received information through the mail, and while was skeptical at first, was pleased to find the best rates at the most ideal monthly payments to help with consolidation of credit cards. Will now be paying less over all and am thrilled to feel as though I can get on top of my debt and my payments will be towards actual debt and not just accumulated interest. Everything was handled online which made sending and signing documents and information seamless. Very important when you have a busy schedule. Thank you!

Delighted by Priscilla Alonzo on 11/22/2022

There was no lengthy, drawn-out procedure for loan forgiveness. The loan was forgiven as promised. I am delighted and eager to do business with Fix and Flip Loan again.

Awesome by Primo on 11/5/2022

This company is Awesome! They were quick to respond and let me know if I got the loan. It was quickly in my bank within a couple of days. Will do business with again. Thanks Fix and Flip Loan.

Great rates and very quick and easy process by Suazo on 11/4/2022

Process was quick and easy. Funds transferred quickly into the accounts chosen. Payment and financing very reasonable! Very smooth process! Very satisfied. The whole application, approval and turnaround time was so quick Fix and Flip Loan . took all the work out of it. Super easy.

Greatest Loan Company! by Espinoza on 11/3/2022

I can say Fix and Flip Loan has been the easiest, friendliest, quickest loan company to deal with to get me out of debt. There was no hassle going back in forth with documents and a bunch of questions. Everything is done on the computer and Fix and Flip Loan is quick at processing your documents. I would say from the time I applied and received the approval was within 1 day. Then, I received the funds I requested within 2 business in my account. This was done in record breaking time. Which is A plus in my book. There were No delays....just quick processing! Thanks Fix and Flip Loan

Home improvement by Novack on 11/2/2022

Well I'm very satisfied and I recommend it was fast I am doing my home improvement already it took 3 Days to have the money in my bank thanks Fix and Flip Loan.

SO EASY to apply and QUICK results by Fermina on 11/1/2022

I am SO relieved that I was able to get a consolidation loan through The Fix and Flip Loan . I am SO happy with how fast and efficient they were. VERY PLEASED. Sleeping knowing I have one LOW payment instead of 4 or 5 . Thank you so much.

Great rate by dunphy on 10/29/2022

Applied for and got my money in just a couple of days. very easy application, great rate and I could pick my payoff plan 36 or 48 months direct deposit to my bank. was able to pay off high interest credit cards. will use again.

awesome by mateo on 10/29/2022

It was an absolute pleasure working with Jake Rotman to secure a much needed loan for our small business. Went very smoothly, no problems, very organized and only took a day or two. Because of this loan our flooring business will be able to expand to another location. Best of luck to you Jake and thanks for all your hard work!

I would definitely recommend them. by Asher on 10/29/2022

Adam was a pleasure to work with and great follow through on everything we discussed. Even though interest was a little high on dealing with this the first time I am looking forward to a long term relationship with Adam and fix and flip loan funding.

Excellent company helped me out twice… by gluck on 10/28/2022

Excellent company helped me out twice now, Thank You Fix and Flip Loan will definitely recommend to family and friends. Service of Fix and Flip Loan is just amazing and superb pleasant to work with them.

fantastic by henry on 10/28/2022

I must say I will never recommend this company or any company for this type of loan because of the extremely high interest rates which is how you make your millions.

It was smooth and easy by Bleasdale on 10/28/2022

My Rep Cameron was very helpful with this process he answered any questions I had and made me feel comfortable in my decision to go with your company.

Fantastic company by mosher on 10/27/2022

The application process is very simple. Notification is quick and I had the money in a few days. I can now pay off higher interest rate credit cards. Great loan to get to pay off high credit cards. Got loan to pay off high interest credit cards. Smart move.

excellent by elijah on 10/27/2022

It was smooth and easy. Thanks Fix and Flip loans for the wonderful experience.Thank You for meeting my financial needs in such a prompt great service and work.

I would definitely recommend them. by Brooke on 10/27/2022

My experience as a small business owner was Great. The process was really quick and Cameron was always available when I needed him. I never got a voicemail, even after hours I would email him and would get a response. It made me a little nervous at first because this usually doesn’t happen. I would definitely recommend them.

Many thanks by pugliese on 10/26/2022

Krystle from Fix and Flip Loan called me after I had had a bad experience with a guy from their company when I called earlier this week. She was so incredibly helpful & understanding and my issue has now been resolved. Many thanks Krystle!

fantastic by evan on 10/26/2022

He was able to advise me on my best course of action. I could not be more pleased!Loan At Last has been a blessing to me in helping meet unexpected financial obligations.

Very impressed by Colquhoun on 10/26/2022

Very impressed by the service I received and low fees (Wow)! These guys never gave up on my file and got me the money my company needed. I must say I will never recommend this company or any company for this type of loan because of the extremely high interest rates which is how you make your millions. highly recommended.

awesome by isla on 10/25/2022

I must say I will never recommend this company or any company for this type of loan because of the extremely high interest rates which is how you make your millions.

Fantastic company by pospisil on 10/25/2022

Fantastic company, I really needed there help when my mum passed unexpectedly. And they were quick and sympathetic understanding my situation. Would and have recommended to people. Great work and service.

It was fast, honest and upfront by Colebe on 10/25/2022

It was fast, honest and upfront. Cameron was quick to assist with any questions I have had. I look forward to working with him again in helping my business grow and continue to operate.

Quick and easy to deal with by Levinson on 10/24/2022

Best customer service representatives who is a very helpful and friendly, clear terms and conditions of loans. never had a problems with Fix and Flip Loan, highly recommend if you want to take a loan.

awesome by omy on 10/24/2022

hey made the process understandable and convenient. The staff is great, I had made a mistake and they helped me out. Took the time to walk me through what needed to be fixed.Very good people to help make the process as easy as possible. Thanks

Right now I'll give you five stars, by Philip on 10/24/2022

Right now I'll give you five stars, pending the resolution of the terms of the deal. Tommy Crittenden did an excellent job of answering all our questions - and we asked a lot!

Good Rate and swiftly managed. by tillmon on 10/22/2022

Acquiring my recent loan with fix and flip loan was handled professionally and VERY quickly. Thank You for meeting my financial needs in such a prompt great service and work.

great service by Kristine on 10/22/2022

I always dealt with Ravyn and she provided the best customer service, always professional and helpful.
I must say I will never recommend this company or any company for this type of loan because of the extremely high interest rates which is how you make your millions.
The loan was a blessing to me in an unbearable situation however the amount of money I ended up paying back was just astronomical.

Very Helpful by hutcherson on 10/22/2022

Fix and Flip Loan were very helpful and right on the money with figures I wanted to hear Everything went smooth and very fast. Thank you very much.

Amazing by Rex on 10/21/2022

Fix & Flip Loan has help me pay for unexpected car problems & expenses and have money to spend on my first vacation, i went on last year. Loan At Last has been a blessing to me in helping meet unexpected financial obligations.

Quick Process by diep on 10/21/2022

We were very pleased with the communication and the organization of the refinancing process! We would definitely use this company again. Professional and efficient service. The rate is also excellent

Quick and easy application! by murguia on 10/21/2022

I applied for a loan to pay off my high credit card balances and was approved almost instantaneously! My listed cards were paid off within a week, and my credit score shot up! Great interest rates!

Great People by howard on 10/20/2022

Great people, answer all my questions the best they could and as fast as possible, my refinance was done in less then three weeks. Very good people to help make the process as easy as possible. Thanks

Awesome Services by Elbert on 10/20/2022

I needed to get a loan and have had a loan with loan at last before. It was real easy to get another one because I had paid the other one off. It was really a fast process, and kept me from getting overdraft charges from my bank.

Personal loan by drozd on 10/20/2022

It was very helpful, to me I am thankful for the help, it help me to balance out my credit cards. So I did not ask for a little more.I’m going to pay it down quickly so I can get a little more cash, thanks

Easy to apply by maze on 10/19/2022

I’m so grateful for my loan the interest rate will save me so much money on my credit cards as this is a credit card consolidation loan. The fixed rate takes away the stress the credit cards have with a variable interest that keeps rising.

Pleasure Experience by soluri on 10/19/2022

They got me refinance at the best possible rate and as quickly as possible. Great customer service! It was a pleasure working with the team I had. Everything went very smooth and the guys were great.

Diligent by Dooley on 10/18/2022

I applied thought it was taking a long time like buying a house, then I realized I am happy it did. I feel they protected my information and that is security and this Marine appreciated that.

Great Rate by garcia on 10/18/2022

The transaction went smoothly and with lots of communication. Best interest rate, everything went smoothly, no complaints here. I am very happy with everything and it went well, I am grateful.

Got my loan. by Zamora on 10/15/2022

The application process was not long or overly complicated. The interest rate is so much better than my credit cards. The responsiveness of the customer service team was great.

Simple Process and Very Quick! by Rohe on 10/14/2022

Very quick process and easy to complete. Great options presented to fit your budget and options on how long you want to have the loan. The process was very quick and painless. Thanks for all you guys do!

Great Rate and Easy to Apply by Carli on 10/13/2022

Very quick process and easy to complete. Great options presented to fit your budget and options on how long you want to have the loan. From application to deposit took 4 days. Great service.

Awesome by Wayne on 10/1/2022

I needed to get a loan and have had a loan with loan at last before. It was real easy to get another one because I had paid the other one off. It was really a fast process, and kept me from getting overdraft charges from my bank.

Great Refinance! by pei on 9/30/2022

When I reached out to lending tree for a home improvement loan Fix and Flip loans responded within 10 mins and started the process. I was impressed with how quickly got the loan started and came up with a solution that fit my needs. Would recommend Fix and Flip loans to anyone who is in need of a loan.

Awesome by Ofelia on 9/30/2022

quick and easy approval process. telephone confirmation was efficient and worker didn't waste my time. funds appeared the next morning. Great customer service! Really helped our family out during these trying times! Instead of not caring or understanding, this company went above and beyond! Thank you very much!

Exceptional by kip on 9/29/2022

Fix and Flip loans is a very reliable mortgage creator. They kept me informed throughout the entire process and used technology to make the process easier. They kept all promises and are very enjoyable to work with. Fix and Flip loans was great!

Excellent Services by Florence on 9/29/2022

Loan funds originally should have been made available same day, but, a mistake on the company’s end negated that. Also, biweekly payment turned out to be a lot less than originally quoted. Paperwork had to be resigned because of a mistake on the company’s end. Pleasant workers, but, the goal is to get the loan handled right the first time!

Amazing by Tarah on 9/28/2022

During the pandemic, it was nearly impossible to figure out how to ask for a loan without being turned down for not having the perfect credit score or asking about my personal life. But I was grateful for the chance to receive one within 2 days. I'm even more fortunate to say that I was very pleased with them understanding the situation and options given to decrease and extend another time to set up payment arrangements

Excellent customer care! by rosa on 9/27/2022

We had an easy process, were kept informed throughout and treated great. Mason was our contact throughout and he was the best. We would recommend Fix and Flip loans to everyone.

Awesome by jon on 9/27/2022

I just want to give thanks to the very helpful and friendly girl that helped me defer my loan for 2 months, because I have been laid off. I think her name was Allie or Alex. Please tell her thank you me and thank her for being an essential worker during this time and to all the other employees.

The maximum by perry on 9/26/2022

The entire process from finding you on the website, to Liam making the initial call, and working through all available refinance options, to closing was incredibly efficient and stress free. It was by far the easiest loan process I have ever been through. Liam was great!!
honest straight foward and easy.The best, they were all professional when they were dealing with me l will recommend to all my friends and family.

Great Services by Eduardo on 9/26/2022

Fix And Flip Loan was very professional and polite and were able to help me with a same day loan. Very polite staff. High interest but you arent forced into anything and can always pay off early to pay way less. Would recomend. Thankyou Fix And Flip Loan.