Small Biz Tip: Executing a Promotional Event: Planning the Event

Tips from September 1, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss Executing a Promotional Event: Planning the Event Select a time, date, and location that will best accommodate your target guests. Unless your business restricts the goals of your event, your business is a great host location. Book the entertainment, create the sale, or decide on a prize give-away. Make sure that whatever is going to take place at your event is confirmed and set to go. Train your chosen employees to work the event. Demonstrations of products or services, cleaning, or even to be friendly knowledgeable faces. Your workers are your best promoters so use them to help out! A cheap possibility to food and drinks is asking local businesses to donate or discount their prices for your event. They will be able to be recognized by guests and in turn your guests will appreciate the hospitality. Daily Overview: Select a guest accommodating... [Read Full Article]

Small Business Feels Left Out of Stimulus Bill

Government and Economy Small Business Still Not Sold on Stimulus Package According to entrepreneurs, owners and small business advocates, neither the $819 billion bill passed by the House, nor a similar measure coming to a vote in the Senate go far enough to bolster the small business sector. Obama Raises the Stimulus Rhetoric President Obama's soft-sell approach has not gotten him many converts to his economic stimulus plan, so he's taking a sharply partisan turn to get his message across. Stimulus Will Lead... [Read Full Article]