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So you look at the sun and feel its heat on your cheek. You automatically think to yourself “what I see as sunlight is also what I am feeling on my cheek”. Fair enough-it seems logical.
We are here to help you because you just lumped infrared heat wavelengths into visible light wavelengths. The next thing that happens is that you can make a poor choice; you either choose a film that has too little heat control, or more expensively, too much infrared control. So the look of the tinted glass is one thing, but separate from the heat, by more than 100% if you compared the standby standard films to the latest tech in solar film.

The American Road has always brought us freedom, fun and enjoyment. We here at Artistic Solar Films have had 30 years to experience every nuance, color, detail, technology, type, failure, fix, and pleasure an automotive window film application can bring. And not just for the windows either, as the Paint Protection film industry has emerged to protect the outside of these beautiful modern vehicles, just like the window films protect the occupant and interior. Your car is very important to you. Us too.

On buildings, we need to control energy differently than on cars. The exact opposite way, actually. On the site menu, you will find Residential and Commercial pages that link you to that side of our business.

At Artistic Solar Films we continue to bring the best window film packages and services to our customers. No one person is “Average” and as large as our film inventory is, it still seems like there is always one more detail about window films that we can pursue. It is practicing this pursuit of detail that has led us to become the source of the leading window film design concepts in central Alabama.

Call Artistic Solar Films at 205-823-8468 with your questions about window film, paint protection, graphics and signs.

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