Costco Wholesale

20 Reviews
450 10th St
San Francisco, CA 94103-4304
(415) 626-4388
Mastercard, Visa
Costco Wholesale serves San Francisco, CA and is located in the 94103 ZIP code.
Sun 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Mon 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Sat 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Reviews for Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale received an average rating of 4.50 out of 5 stars from 20 reviews.

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by Mathilda on 7/26/2021

by Mathilda on 7/26/2021

by Boston on 6/6/2021

by Amanda on 9/22/2021

by Amanda on 9/22/2021

by Amanda on 9/22/2021

by Tina004 on 8/4/2021

by Tina004 on 8/4/2021

by Farquhar on 1/24/2021

by Amon on 3/23/2021

by Amon on 3/23/2021

by Lina on 7/9/2021

by Hormizd on 12/28/2020

by Hormizd on 12/28/2020

by Jehonathan on 9/5/2021

by Rhode on 2/25/2021

by Rhode on 2/25/2021

by Rhode on 2/25/2021

by Pema on 1/7/2021

by Quinton on 4/25/2021

In Short
Formerly known as the Price Club, this large membership-only warehouse is chock-full of almost any consumer product under the sun-in bulk, of course. With goods ranging from high-end electronics to outdoor furniture to… Read Full Editorial

MedsOnline4U by John B via Insider Pages on 12/7/2015

I have great experience in purchasing pharamcy products with MedsOnline4U.\r \r

best vitamin prices by kathy h. h via Insider Pages on 3/12/2010

Costco is great. The best deal anywhere for vitamins and supplements;no one else can match their prices in that department. I try to go early in the week, say Monday or Tuesday, to avoid crowds, or later in the month when a lot of…

Costco is geting just as boring too by Alfred P via Insider Pages on 12/3/2009

The checkout process is always completely backlogged at this store. Others aren't as bad, but I guess this is where all the downtown people go. Their selection is geting just as boring too.

now I can buy my essentials without the priying eyes of all by LuningningLibao via Citysearch on 4/20/2009

What else is there to say about Costco that everyone else hasn't mentioned yet?\r \r Well, I buy all my underwear from them and recently, I discovered that their site has an even wider variety of medical supply goods too! Thank heavens,…

Costco is far superior by John P via Insider Pages on 1/18/2009

My large pantry at home really gets used because of the savings I get by buying in bulk. Or so I delude myself.\r \r No really, need some office supplies? They have it! Need gardening do-dads, check too! My favorite is the automotive…

Cosctco competes with Sam's Club and Costco is far superior, hands down! by jpimentel via Citysearch on 8/11/2008

My large pantry at home really gets used because of the savings I get by buying in bulk. Or so I delude myself.\r \r No really, need some office supplies? They have it! Need gardening do-dads, check too! My favorite is the automotive…

Cancel membership, move on by jackro1 via Citysearch on 1/25/2008

There's is a lot of hype about this place, which is no better than a factory outlet with a membership fee. The employees are rude and think they are doing you a favor by answering a question. The management sets the example as their just…

Did you know Costco also does Jewelry by Amy T. via Judy's Book on 10/15/2006

I never would have thought of it, but the company that brings us bulk toilet paper, and cheap supplies, has turned their eyes to the jewelry business. And actually, you can grab some really deals on diamond studs, rings, necklaces and…

I L0VE C0STC0!! by jessica b via Insider Pages on 10/11/2006


Costco by Barbara B via Insider Pages on 9/29/2006

Come on who doesnt love costco. The only bad thing is you can never get out of there for under a few hundred dollars- We are a big family so we need supersized everything. I hate to buy things elsewhere bc I know I can get a bigger…

Location is not convenient by Ciara-Jayne H via Insider Pages on 9/29/2006

This particular costco is always packed no matter what time of the day you go. I am also not too fond of their parking because it is located underground and it can get scary if you don't find parking close to the entrance where there is…

best place to buy flowers by monica j via Insider Pages on 9/28/2006

I think costco is the best place to buy roses they are long stem and they so pretty you get two dozens for under twenty dollars and the roses live for a long time. PROS: great price for two dozens CONS: long lines

Be sure to bring your club card by Kwok C. via Judy's Book on 4/15/2006

Costco is a great shopping location for all your home needs. They sell a tremendous amount of items in there warehouse. There is great variety in there products, however they are a bit limited in certain types of products. They also…

Great Club Shopping by B J via Insider Pages on 11/11/2005

Costco is Great. It's the only place that i buy tires. I have tried just about all the tire shops that are always seen on tv and Costco is hands down the best. I was able to purchase a new set of tires and they installed them in a…

Costco Wholesale by shpi g. via Judy's Book on 10/19/2005

I am a Costco Wholesale fanatik. I buy everything there, starting from toothpaste to food to clothes to aplliences. That store offers burgains beyond your believe and is well wroth the earyly club fee! I save so much money every year on…

Only come here if no other alternative by Mary ellen M via Insider Pages on 6/23/2005

I am not exaggerating about the zoo-like quality of this Costco. I come here and have to take a time out afterwards, do some yoga, and recompose myself. Driving here is a nightmare, looking for parking sucks, and well, it may not be…

Great place to buy anything by Dan B. via Judy's Book on 6/22/2005

Costco is great. Well worth the small membership fee. Bulk prices on good food and drink. Plus they sell electronics, appliances, etc. It's also a good place to buy tires. They provide lifetime service (free rotations, flat repair, etc.)…

Costco by Gloria M via Insider Pages on 6/14/2005

Nice place to stock up on all your life's neccessities. They have everything from food to computers. Everything is in bulks. Sadly, the lines are usually very long. I do like the free samples those workers give out. Those help me decide…

Good place to save by Aniaf F via Insider Pages on 6/8/2005

You can literally find everything under the sun on sale at Costco. TVs, computers, books, food, etc. I shop there all the time. The only negative thing is the long lines during certain times of the day PROS: price CONS: long lines

Costco by M W via Insider Pages on 5/5/2005

This isn't the BEST costco. Usually its the one with the more crowd because its the only one is SF. Some of the workers can be rude and unwilling to help customers. The place is also messy a lot of the time. However, it IS a costco, so you…

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