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Lewis & Matthews is a premier family law firm in Denver, Colorado. We practice in Denver and all surrounding metropolitan areas.

At Lewis & Matthews we do everything we can to assure that:

You are fully supported throughout the process
You and your family are protected
If you have children, their best interests are a primary focus; and
Your short and long term needs are clearly identified, addressed and achieved using the right strategy for your case and your unique circumstances.

Ken and Leslie Matthews are the Firm’s partners. Both have had extensive legal careers prior to creating this firm and both have chosen to practice exclusively in the family law area. The partners are a married couple who have both been through difficult divorces in their personal lives. These past experiences have given each of them an ability to understand what people go through and this has formed the basis of their commitment to practice family law with the whole of the circumstances and the whole of the person and their family needs in mind.

At Lewis & Matthews we are committed to resolving our cases with dignity and the minimal conflict required to serve your best interests. However, if conflict does arise, it is important to note that all of our attorneys have extensive negotiation and trial experience. We will do what it takes to protect you and your family.

It is THE WAY WE DO WHAT WE DO that makes Lewis & Matthews distinctive in the field of family law. Read about our time tested methods for producing better results:

Speaking to an attorney right away: When you contact our Firm, you can be assured that you will be able to speak to a family law attorney over the phone ASAP, at no charge, to discuss the specifics of your situation and get your initial questions answered. If you do choose to move forward with our Firm, this initial call gives us a good background understanding of your situation so your initial strategy meeting can be well informed and well utilized.

A Customized Case Strategy is Priority One: No two family law matters are the same. Your case is a unique mix of legal issues, financial circumstances, personalities (under stress) and family dynamics. Focusing solely on the short term, core legal issues, like most firms do, is simply insufficient. By taking a 360 degree view of your case, our strategies dramatically improve your chances of success and minimize the emotional stress on you and your children. We do this with a 4 step process that includes a cost benefit analysis for each of the top possible strategies. (read more)

Our Unique Case Management Process: At Lewis & Matthews your case is reviewed by our entire staff in a case management meeting once every two weeks. You receive the benefit of our whole team reviewing your case strategy and action items while working together to move your case forward. This assures that all members of our staff are familiar with your case and that our partners are providing input and assisting to manage your case at no charge. (read more)

Our Staff’s Team Approach to Client Service: Our staff includes 4 attorneys, two paralegals and one financial manager. We have all been trained and are expected to work as a team to have your questions and issues addressed quickly and completely. If there is a breakdown in communication, Our Managing Partner, Leslie Matthews will be available to you at no charge to address your issue or concern immediately. Ms. Matthews is accountable for case management and client service so she considers it a priority to address your concerns right away if they occur.

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