Sanpocho Restaurant


901 SW 8th St
Miami, FL 33130-3705
(305) 854-5954
Cuisine South American
Cuisine Cocktails
Delivery Fee Fee Varies
Feature Lunch
Feature Delivery
Feature Take Out
Feature Good for Groups
Feature Dinner
Feature Breakfast
Feature Accepts Credit Cards
Sanpocho Restaurant serves Miami, FL and is located in the 33130-3705 ZIP code.
Mon 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Reviews for Sanpocho Restaurant

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My Review by dacheapjew via Urbanspoon on 1/5/2012

i had the bandeja paisa and i wasnt taken back. its very ordinary and same as any other colombian spot. if u live near the beach go to mi colombia.

My Review by valeria via Urbanspoon on 11/21/2011

I love the food delicious the place is very comfortable but the service is horrible it makes me feel very uncomfortable every time San Pocho delivery 100%

My Review by Nacari Gonzalez via Urbanspoon on 10/16/2011


My Review by Nacari Gonzalez via Urbanspoon on 10/16/2011

ustedes estan alli por la comunidad, no solo colombiana sino; por mucha gente de otros paises.... y lamentablemente su calidad....asistencia...y actitud deja mucho que decir..... es verdad que cuando un establecimiento de comida quiere…

My Review by A.L. via Urbanspoon on 1/11/2011

Good food. Great empanadas. Good value for your money. Love these undiscovered places.

My Review by Rosy M. via Urbanspoon on 12/6/2010

Was in Little Havana today and had a taste for Colombian food...this place was great!! Delicious empanadas at a great price. Thanks Urbanspoon!!

My Review by Malcolm via Urbanspoon on 9/11/2010

I was trying to fing a good restaurant that was also cheap and I hit jackpot with this place. What I love about Miami is that there are so many types of cuisines to choose from and it was my first time having Columbian, and San Pocho did…

My Review by bklynlil via Urbanspoon on 3/14/2010

This is a place you come to for some good Colombian food. Why one reviewer went there for Cuban toast is rather silly, there are plenty of Cuban Cafeterias where you can get a quick Cuban toast. Here you have arepas, pandebono, hot…

My Review by Mauricio Andino via Urbanspoon on 12/30/2009

Awful service, great Cuban toast if you have the time to wait.

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