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Pure + Simple

We have experienced first hand what it is like for your health to get in the way of your freedom. So we set out to create seriously-healthy, nutritious confections you will never feel guilty about eating.

We believe good food sets you free.

We exist to provide you with deliciously-pure, nutritionally-rich treats that give you the energy and the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest. Let Mera Bites be a tasty reminder that life - like food - is meant to be enjoyed.

Believe us because we have experienced first hand what it is like for your health to get in the way of your freedom. So we set out to create authentically healthy, nutritious treats you will never feel guilty about eating.

We hope you enjoy our hand-scooped and freshly baked cookies, naturally free from Gluten, Grain, Dairy & Preservatives. (Additional Vegan, Soy & Sugar-Free options are available.)

MERA is the Latin word for Pure, Simple & Naked, as is the integrity of our (whole-food) ingredients. The deeper inspiration behind our name comes from the Greek word "Meraki." Co-founder (and proud Greek), Anna Hagopian, introduced this word to us a while back while giving an interview about the company, Meraki (v): to do something with creativity, soul and passion; to put your essence into your work. This word eloquently captures the unique work ethic and drive behind how and why our company operates.

Because Sharing Means Caring.

We know you love our cookies, so make sure you share us with your friends. Our cookies make the perfect Thank You, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Thinking Of You, Get Well and Just Because- gifts ideas.

Send our cookies to your kid away at college; to score points with your tough mother-in-law; to cheer up your gluten-free co-worker; or as a group order for your next special event.

Whatever the occasion, our cookies have you covered!

Products and Services

Mera Bites Chocolate Chip & Coconut Cookie
Mera Bites Double Chocolate (Vegan) Brownie Cookie
Mera Bites Seasonal Paleo Pumpkin Cookie (available October-February)
Mera Bites No Sugar-Sugar Cookie

Chocolate Chip & Coconut Cookie, Double Chocolate (Vegan) Brownie Cookie, Gift Box Varieties - 12 cookies, Seasonal Paleo Pumpkin Cookie (available October-February), No Sugar-Sugar Cookie

Our Specialties: Vegan Cookies, Organic Ingredients, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Dairy-free, Preservative-free, Hand-scooped, Freshly baked

Memberships and Associations

Go Clean Labelâ„¢, Women's Business Enterprise

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