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Charming Mad Genius
CharmingMad was founded by Chicagoan and Howard University Alumni - Will Worley in late 2013. The doors officially opening for business in February 2014 with the vision of providing a free-thinking space for entrepreneurs to connect, converse and collaborate. He believed the name ‘Charming Mad Genius’ represents a perfect cross-section of the best our society has to offer:

CHARMING – Vibrant and full of light, the best personalities are those free of the burdens of fear and doubt. Choosing dedicated and skilled leadership, Worley envisioned and succeeded in creating a creative atmosphere where low-vibrating emotions could not exist. We wish to share this energy with each and every client.

MAD – Passion for perfecting one’s craft, the persistence and dedication to excellence in the pursuit of a goal, or the aggression with which a problem is addressed in order to overcome obstacles to reach a resolution- This can be interpreted a number of ways. Each is correct.

GENIUS – In our eyes, there is a special place for all who dare to think outside of the narrowly-constructed box our society created, and desperately reinforces in order to maintain business as usual. Those that move with intent, and those brave enough to create on their own terms are the ONLY ones able to create change, and thus ARE GENIUSES. Unique, by definition is that which deviates from what is viewed as normal. We at CharmingMad are not “normal”. While we can create concepts and content to fit any need, we thrive on the opportunity to prove that YOU are a Genius- and the far-out thoughts most think are too ambitious to attempt, is EXACTLY what we’re looking for.

For creatives and entrepreneurs alike, every communication with your audience is an art form. Whether it’s producing and distributing fun, engaging TV/video content for your brand (Hey, Sprite!), or being the architect of meaningful community-based initiatives that attach to social and political conversations (like the ones we’re rolling out later in 2016), CharmingMad exists to serve the global community of brands, artists and entrepreneurs looking to MAKE A STATEMENT with their ideas- even if they haven’t been fully formed yet. Remember, every action starts with a thought. CMG will work with you from A to Z to bring your thoughts to life.
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