Riverside Chocolate Factory

15 Reviews
2102 W Il Route 120
Mchenry, IL 60051-4759
(815) 344-6040
Parking Corner of Rt 120 and Chapel Hill
Riverside Chocolate Factory serves Mchenry, IL and is located in the 60051 ZIP code.

Hours of Operation

Mon - Sun: 9am - 9pm

Reviews for Riverside Chocolate Factory

Riverside Chocolate Factory received an average rating of 4.20 out of 5 stars from 15 reviews.

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by Tiana on 12/23/2021

by Tiana on 12/23/2021

by Shimon on 11/4/2021

by Ciriaco on 4/26/2021

by brockton on 3/8/2021

by brockton on 3/8/2021

by Esen on 6/23/2021

by Petur on 8/21/2021

by Gisela on 12/6/2021

by Winona on 5/28/2021

by Mathilda on 4/9/2021

by Spencer on 7/26/2021

by Spencer on 7/26/2021

by Amanda on 6/6/2021

by Ademir on 9/22/2021

My Review by mikeb1135895746 via Citysearch on 11/14/2012

Been going there for ten years or so. Huge tender, sweet, juicy strawberries covered in dark or milk chocolate. Fudge that is utterly without peer. I usually get 'Just Chocolate" and/or "Maple", but all are good. Makes ones knees…

HM by h m via Insider Pages on 6/9/2012

I travel for work giving educational workshops. I bring a bag filled iwth Riverside Chocolate goodies to every one. It is a "prize" for a trivia question pertaining to the workshop. I love introducing a bit of McHenry across the…

Overrated by Dakotah O via Insider Pages on 3/23/2012

I've gone to the Riverside Chocolate Factory a few times over the last 12 years and every time I've been in there I get a new reason to not go back and after this last time I will never go back. Before it was the quality of chocolate not…

Service With a Smile by Navy Doc via Citysearch on 5/18/2010

I was introduced to the Riverside Chocolate Factory by a coworker. We use them to create custom chocolate bars that we give out at our event for recently returned veterans. For the last year I have been ordering 180 chocolate bars from…

Great little place!!!! by Catherine F via Insider Pages on 5/4/2010

I love this little place, one of my friends introduced me to this place a couple years ago and I've been hooked since. And even if you don't want to shell out some extra bucks for the chocolate, they have so many other good little candies…

i love the chocolate factory by ash b via Insider Pages on 3/1/2009

I've been going to riverside chocolate factory since before i could walk. The people are great and so are the chocolate and candy. If they were to ever change one thing about the chocolate factory well then things would never be the same…

actually by baylie s via Insider Pages on 10/4/2008

the employees are reqired to wash their hands after handling money or anything before they handle the chocolate and candies. the dumpster would be moved but there is not choice because as others said the rest of the parking lot is owned…

very helpful and tasty too! by stacy l via Insider Pages on 9/3/2008

I've been in there several times and always a pleasant experience. Also, just recently I was on a special diet for cancer treatment and the girl behind the counter actually pulled the big ice cream barrel out of it's place and read the…

yummy by jenna h via Insider Pages on 8/30/2008

I love this cute little place. What a Gem!!! The interior is clean and colorful and the huge selection of many candies is one I have never seen in a candy store before. About the customer service, I had a great friendly experience and…

Some Logic by Michelle G via Insider Pages on 8/29/2008

My experiences at Riverside have been great! I have always found the staff to be courteous and friendly. I also noticed those who said they received service that was rushed was during some major holidays. Did you think you were the only…

Amazing! by Magabellex3 via Citysearch on 8/6/2008

I've been going to Riverside Chocolate Factory since i was about three years old and the chocolate is amazing! Never have I ever found anything better. They chocolate covered strawberries, bananas and orange peels are the best and they…

WOW by Tami w via Insider Pages on 6/17/2008

Let's just say I think that last entry was written by an employee.I was there for the 1st time 2 weeks ago. I'd never heard anything about the place and decided to check it out. It's small, kinda cruddy looking. I too noticed a somewhat…

INGNORANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Sarah C via Insider Pages on 6/2/2008

dear anonymous and bob b,if you two knew anything about anything, you'd know that it is against the law to not have a dumpster on pavement...since the rest of the parking lot isn't their property, they cannot pave it. If you don't like the…

Hide the dumpster please!!!!!!!!!!! by Lisa k via Insider Pages on 2/29/2008

I hate to drive past a perfectly cute chocolate factory, only to see the dumpster overflowing with garbage!!! It's placed as an eyesore for passersby and for customers---it's right in your face when you pull up to park!! They could easily…

Not a little heaven on earth by Bob B via Insider Pages on 12/19/2007

The chocolate is to die for, but the service can go. I have been in there many times and every time I go in there the service is unacceptable and rude. The people ring me out so fast I feel as though they are in a rush to get me out of…

calling all chocolate lovers! by Dawn C via Insider Pages on 5/27/2006

Personally, I'm not a huge chocolate eater. However, I shop here often for others. Ok, I admit I have bought things for myself, and I've enjoyed everything I've tried so far. \r \r The chocolate desserts are all homemade. You can even seem…

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