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31103 E Blue Mills Rd
Buckner, MO 64016
(816) 650-3180
Today: 12:00 PM to 12:00 PM
AAA Disposal Service is a sanitation company located in Buckner, MO. We are a family-owned and operated business that started with one truck in 1964. We now have a business with thousands of residential and commercial customers being serviced by more than 30 trucks in a region that covers parts of Jackson, Lafayette, Ray, Cass and Johnson counties. AAA Disposal Service features: Commercial 2, 4, 6 and 8 yard accounts Residential trash collection Yard waste programs Residential and commercial recycling collection Roll-off containers Compactors To support the environment and the "green" movement, we built a facility to reduce waste at the landfills. Our disposal trucks weigh in and dump their loads at the facility. Metal and cardboard are separated from the waste stream and are recycled instead of being taken to the landfill. The remaining waste is loaded into tractor trailers and sent to the landfill for disposal. AAA Disposal Service has now begun recycling with various drop off sites and has started their first true curbside commingle recycling operation in Grain Valley. Call AAA Disposal Service today for a quote on sanitation services!
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Reviews for AAA Disposal Service

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My Review by royk1211455675 via Citysearch on 2/22/2017

I would almost suspect rival companies of hiring people to post negative reviews. Reviews I am reading are totally incorrect regarding this service. I have lived in Independence since 1964 and this is by far the best service I have…

My Review by maryb1925261117 via Citysearch on 7/9/2014

Worst service in Missouri. Customer service people are rude and will hang up on you. I'm not even a customer but they got my name off of a marketing list and have been harassing me for money i don't owe them. I told them i had proof that i…

My Review by kathyk1620971424 via Citysearch on 12/21/2012

i am changing trash services because i watch the trash truck drive by my trash can after picking up my neighbors drove right by mine and did not pick it up called and they said they would take care of it still not picked up the next day…

My Review by shawnb1837830988 via Citysearch on 10/4/2012

The company did not properly inform me of what their service provided. Yard waste is extra and they will not tell you how they will pick it up, who to call, or what the fee is. Instead of informing new customers how to properly dispose…

My Review by lamonyar via Citysearch on 9/6/2012

Horrible Customer Service. Just call to ask why my trash wasn't pick up all they could tell was they where sorry they didnt know why that they would get me next week.My bill is paid and someone should make it right.

sick and tired! by Chris C via Insider Pages on 4/27/2012

I quit the company for not picking up my trash before and after several years I thought they would have got their act together. I liked the free recycle bin and thought I would give it a try again. After 3 pickups they missed me and when…

Behind the times. by ShadowStrange via Citysearch on 11/20/2011

My trash gets pickup somewhat regularly and without hassle, but they are way behind the times technology wise. Their poor workers have to lift the cans up - despite them having given us the sort of trash cans that are designed to be…

Horrible Customer Service by Eric0722 via Citysearch on 3/21/2011

I just found out that my trash company was sold to AAA, but after 2 weeks have not heard anything from them. I would think they would have at least sent me a postcard to let me know about the purchase/sell and see if I wanted to move to…

Ms.K by Linda K via Insider Pages on 9/23/2010

I have had them for several years since RC went out of business and was taken over by them. They have been easy to work with and I have never had a problem. They always put my containers back on the curb so they are not blowing down the…

Love this trash service by judy d via Insider Pages on 9/13/2010

We have had this service for over a year and are moving out of their area. We have never had a problem. They are here same time every week. They never say a word if we have tons of extras set out. They always showed up in extreme…

Horrible Business by Maurice816 via Citysearch on 6/4/2010

Service with AAA started off great without a single problem until one year of service. Over the past two months I have had my trash picked up only 3 times. After having to cancel service with AAA (they did not cancel my service the first…

What's all the fuss? by bucknernewbie via Citysearch on 2/16/2009

We've been using this company for a year and have had no problems. The driver arrives early in the morning, every Tuesday. We've never had issues with their street service or with their office staff. Maybe it's the customers that should…

pay for it or burn it ? by thekruked1 via Citysearch on 1/8/2009

they are usualy on time with me my son loves the truck and the rider and driver are always kind to us the sevrice aint bad but id still rather burn my trash ya dig

Worst trash service in Missouri!!!! by huey123 via Citysearch on 11/4/2008

The worst company I've ever had to deal with. I wish there was another trash service in my area. They pick up when ever they feel like it. Then they try to blame it on us. We set out our trash the night before and yet they try to say…

AAA+ in my book! by HamsterU via Citysearch on 8/25/2008

Just wanted to let you know that I have yet to have issue's with this company. My trash is always picked up before I even head to work. My neighbors also use the same service. Trash service started promptly when I called. AAA+ in my…

You Get What You Pay For by nyteladee via Citysearch on 8/19/2008

The worst company I've ever had the misfortune of talking to. After three weeks, my trash has still not been picked up. I called last week and was told that the trash, including the mess left by the animals, would be picked up today. I…

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