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294 E. Long Street Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 564-9313

Search Engine Optimization

We take an organic approach to building links and creating reputable content. Our strategy is diversified through on-site, off-site, and technical SEO. We build our search marketing strategy to align perfectly with your business’ initiatives.

    Website Design & Development

    Not only will The Media Captain build a stunning site with a strong focus on design, our professional video production and photography capabilities will add a wide variety of rich media to your site.

      Online Advertising

      When someone types in a search term relevant to your industry, online advertisements provide you with the capability to generate instant leads, sales and awareness for your company. Not only do we set up A vs. B tests with ad copy and display graphics, our development team creates customized landing pages that are optimized with conversion and sales top of mind.

        Social Media Marketing

        Our social marketing agency does much more than driving “Likes” to your Facebook page or creating weekly Tweets. Our agency was featured in a New York Times article on increasing sales by more than 25% for an e-commerce company. The Media Captain will create a custom social media marketing strategy for you that will generate into interaction, exposure, leads, sales and conversions.

          Video Production

          Whether you are looking to promote your company through television commercials or you want to serve your video on your website and ad networks, The Media Captain’s production expertise will help you transform your idea into a crystal-clear production.

            Email Marketing

            From creating a professional template with customized graphics to obtaining more emails from your target audience, The Media Captain will create a custom e-marketing campaign strategy that will lead to more conversions, leads and sales for your business. You’ll love working with our team of email marketing experts.

              Landing Page Design

              Our team tracks every component of your landing page’s performance to gauge the exact return on investment. We analyze everything, from the amount of contact forms filled out, the number of phone calls dialed to the quantity of orders placed. You’ll love working with our innovative team of landing page experts throughout your campaigns as we work to deliver a profitable campaign for your business.

                Graphic Design

                The Media Captain will create the visual graphics that fit your company’s image and branding. We’ll create a custom layout and design for you that will keep users on your site for longer. You’ll love working with our innovative team of graphic designers to create a stunning vision for your business.

                  Mobile Marketing

                  The Media Captain is a leading mobile marketing agency, and we understand how important it is to have an unforgettable mobile strategy in place. Device responsiveness is the key to designing the best possible user experience for your customers.

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