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Dwayne Young Bail Bonds is a bail bondman providing service in the Smith Mountain Lake, Rocky Mount, Franklin, Henry and Patrick and Roanoke County areas of Virginia. My experience as a Magistrate makes me the perfect choice for all of your bail bonding needs.

Bail bonding as a profession is sometimes portrayed in a not so kind light when in all actuality it is a much needed and helpful occupation. Just think of all of the tax money being spent to house persons already convicted of crime. If you add to that the huge number of people awaiting trial, the cost would be enormous. The bail bondsman plays a key role in keeping the working man charged with a crime out of jail and able to work to continue to support themselves. Without bail bondsmen only those with money and property would be out on bail, and no one should have to stay locked up because they don't have the means to post bail.

As for me personally, I was a magistrate for the Commonwealth of VA for over 17 years. For probably the first 10 years of my career, the magistrate had great discretion in the setting of bail. I always tried to be an understanding magistrate and if someone had the guts to know they were wanted and still turn themselves in, I usually saw no reason to make them post a secured bond as long as it wasn't a violent crime. I felt that if they had turned themselves in then they were probably planning to come to court. But alas, the legislature stepped in and began mandating secured bond, or in some cases hold without bond for certain offenses.

Who better to help you out than me. 17 years on the other side, so I can tell you what to expect and provide basic guidance. Of course the best guidance I can give you is to not say anything 'til you've spoken to a lawyer. If you have a friend or loved one who's current address is the Franklin County Jail, then I'm your guy. Unless previously disposed, I can be there in 15-20 minutes (with a personal best of 13 minutes) when I caught everything just right. Henry County takes me between 28-34 minutes and Roanoke about 50 minutes.

I'm Dwayne Young and I'm here to help the little guy, let me help you out!
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