Arthur Murray Dance Studio

2361 E. 62nd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46220
(317) 251-3700
At Broad Ripple Arthur Murray dance studio, we teach beginners and advanced students today's most popular Ballroom dances like swing, salsa, mambo, cha cha, and many more!

Will meet or beat any competitor's rates!!!

Our highly trained dance instructors utilize the Arthur Murray Method to teach you more than just dance steps. Our dance lessons will help you acquire the skills needed to get you Ballroom dancing as soon as possible. Call Today Dance Tonight!

Why should you choose Arthur Murray Broad Ripple?

There are many reasons Arthur Murray Broad Ripple is the best place for you to learn to dance.

One reason is that while many studios teach dance steps, we at Arthur Murray teach you how to dance. Our students learn how to lead or follow so that they can go to any ballroom or nightclub and dance with any partner. As a part of our syllabus, you do learn dance patterns, but we also emphasize the techniques you'll need to confidently lead or follow. When the focus is solely on learning steps, then you rely on dancing with someone who has learned the same steps.

As you are comparing studios, you may see what looks like a lower price. But be sure you look at the services included in the price they quote. These studios often make you pay a la carte for private lessons, group lessons, and parties. Once you add the cost of the individual items, you will find that you are generally paying the same amount of money or more as you would at our studio, where you buy lesson units that include a private lesson, group lesson, and party. Also, Arthur Murray offers a money-back guarantee on the lesson package you purchase.

We are a school, which means that we offer levels of instruction that build upon each other to help you reach your dancing goals. As you progress through the levels, we check your progress to ensure that you are learning everything for the level you've signed up for. And you can rest assured that our instructors are throroughly trained and must pass certification tests for each level we offer.

Will meet or beat any competitor's rates!!!

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