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Do You Have What It Takes To Network?

Networking is important to small businesses in that it helps them to stay in business, grow their business, and connect to other business owners. The general way to network is usually by having your information on a neat business card and give your information to others. To create a big name for yourself when networking, you need to step out of your comfort zone and create a buzz. Here are few ideas.Professional Business CardsYes, business cards are important for networking so they can have your contact information. No, they should not be the only thing that you do. For starters, make sure your business cards are professional. Have an edgy design on quality paper with all your contact information. Business cards should be kept in a safe place to avoid tearing and ripping. You might also want to consider adding your Twitter ID and Facebook profile to your card as a way for people to keep up with you in more of the real-time business world. Q & A... [Read Full Article]

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