Gunning for the Boss: Online Management Complaints

There is much to be said for websites that highlight the problems of companies, they offer the business a real incentive to improve or suffer growing humiliation and shrinking business as their story circulates across the Web. However, the pilots at United have taken this one step further by devoting a website to getting rid of United’s Chairman and CEO, Glenn Tilton.  For the pilots, when they picture the problems facing their once-great airline, it is Tilton’s face they see and Tilton’s head they would like to see roll. In the six years he has been in United’s pilot seat, at a comfortable $1.12 million per year, customer satisfaction with the airline has gone into the toilet and as for employee satisfaction, that’s been flushed. These are facts and according to the pilots, their causes have nothing to do with the pressures that beset their industry:  United’s failures are the result of a combination of management incompetence, short te... [Read Full Article]