Nonverbal Communication Signals in Business

Communication these days comes in all forms, from verbal, written, nonverbal, visual, "writing on a wall" and even tweeting. For businesses, communication is very important within the company, customers, and clients, and some of the most important communication is said without words.  Nonverbal communication speaks wonders about how you present yourself, as well as your business, to others and can convey just as much or more to your customers. Keep these nonverbal communication signals in mind the next time you are conducting business with customers, clients, or with your associates.PostureKeep your back straight! Don't slouch! Shoulders up! We've all heard how we should present ourselves visually by having correct posture. It's true: good posture will present your body in a positive manner. Good posture will give you a strong, upright, and positive looking body. You will look presentable, eager, and ready for whatever is thrown your way. Having good pos... [Read Full Article]