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The Myth of “Green” Jobs

I am a sportsman. I spend a lot of time out in the forests and plains, and like all sportsmen—hunters, fishermen—I care deeply about the environment (hunters have done more to preserve our wilderness than any other group), so when I hear about the US going green, I take notice. President Obama has been talking about a green future for America ever since the election; a future where sustainable technology, renewable energy, plenty of great jobs with high pay and generous benefits would be the rule and not the exception. His rhetoric leads one to believe that the rising green tide will raise all of our boats and that we are about to enter a utopian era of eco-happiness. A Couple of Questions about Green Jobs I have a question: What, exactly, is a “green job”? I mean, unless you have a company that specifically creates eco-friendly products in an eco-friendly way, or you work in... [Read Full Article]

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