Recruit and Keep Top Talent for Your Small Business

“We must trim the fat!” If you are like most people, you concentrate on the idea of getting rid of the superfluous, the unproductive, which is certainly a valid thing to do. However, if you take the metaphor literally, you realize that once the fat has been cut away and thrown away (or rendered down or whatever they do with the fat once it is trimmed), you are left with the lean. Presumably, from an employment point of view, these are the people you want to keep, those who bring value to your company and profit to you. These are the folks you want to retain, and if you could have, you would have staffed your company entirely with these go-getters. Now, as things get rough, you need them. This is what its all about: attracting top talent and keeping that talent around. It all begins, however, with understanding what your business has to offer. The Small Business Advantage While large firms can use money and posh benefit packages to woo potential talen... [Read Full Article]