Snow, Parking and Small Business in the City

At the risk of stating the obvious, when you make it hard to get to a business and expensive to park near that business, you hurt that business. It is a simple equation and the results of it tend to be pretty consistent. Yet, it is an equation that the mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley, is choosing to ignore. The Snow Removal Saga Like any great snow-bound saga, the tale of Chicago's snow removal involves some pretty big characters. In this case a guy named Michael Bilandic and a gal named Jane Byrne. In 1979, Bilandic was the Mayor. Over January 13 and 14 of that year, 18.8 inches of snow fell on the city. This wasn't the first big snow to hit Chicago, but the city's previous mayor, Richard J. Daley, made sure that the streets were cleared--all of them--ASAP. Bilandic, on the other hand, had a more relaxed attitude about snow removal and as a result millions of dollars were lost to businesses of all sizes when the city was paralyzed. What snow removal efforts that wer... [Read Full Article]