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10 Ways to Improve Your Website

Your presence online can revolve around your website and how you manage it. Your website is your business’s platform and the focal point of your online marketing campaign so it should be updated regularly. In this newsletter we will go over 10 easy ways you can improve your website to make it the best experience for your customers and to improve your SEO ranking.

  1. Keep Your Blog Up to Date
    One of the best ways you can improve your website is to keep your blog up to date with the latest news relevant to your business or industry. Google is always looking to provide its visitors with the newest and best content, if your blog hasn't been updated in several months chances are Google will rank newer posts ahead of those that were published before them. If keeping your blog up to date might be an issue you can try writing blog posts that will remain relevant for longer, by writing posts that remain relevant for a longer period of time you increase your chances of being found and that blog resulting in a lead or conversion.
  2. Create a Team Page
    Team pages are a great way to engage your visitors, and it’s an excellent way to build trust with your potential customers. People generally like to know the people they do business with and there’s no easier way to do that on the web than creating a team page. A team page should include a picture of each employee with a brief description including their position and a few of their personal interests. 
  3. A Newsletter
    Another easy way you can engage your current customer base is by creating a newsletter to keep them up to date with what services or products you are offering. Although this may not guarantee you business, a newsletter service can offer metrics that will help you better understand how your customers are interacting with these emails, establish your brand, and build trust.
  4. Social Media
    Is your Facebook page or Twitter inactive, has your Instagram lay dormant for the past few months? If so, this should be one of the first things on your list when it comes to improving your presence online. Social media offers you one of the easiest ways to engage with your customers on a regular basis. Google takes your social media presence into account when ranking you on their platform, a healthy social media presence goes hand in hand with your website.
  5. Check Your Analytics
    Google analytics provides invaluable insights on how your customers interact with your website. Be sure to keep an eye on your analytics on a regular basis to get a better understanding of how your visitors are engaging with your website. This can give you a better idea of what pages are being viewed the most, where your site traffic is coming from, and when your site sees the most visitors. 
  6. Update Your Gallery
    Have you been working on any new projects? If so make sure you share these online! Adding to your gallery regularly can show your viewers that you are consistent and give them a better idea of the work that you are doing. Updating your gallery can inspire customers to reach out after seeing your work and lead to potential conversions. 
  7. Keep Your Design Up to Date
    If you haven’t updated your website in a few years chances are there are plenty of improvements that could be made. Styles change on a yearly basis and it’s important to keep up with the evolving market online. The boxed layouts of the early 2010’s may not suit you well in the 2020’s, so it may be time to consider a redesign. Making sure your website is up to date shows customers that you are engaged in your business and more likely to be engaged with them as well. 
  8. Add Service Area Pages
    Adding specific service area pages can improve your local SEO ranking significantly. If you are looking to rank well in a specific area you can create a landing page that uses keywords related to the city you are trying to target. This should include projects you’ve completed, testimonials from happy customers, any specials or promotions, and any involvement you have in the city you are trying to target.
  9. Keep Updated Specials, Discount, and Coupons
    Don’t let a coupon that’s been expired for months remain on your site! Be sure to update any promotions that you are running on your website regularly. Expired promotions can be a strong indicator to your customers that you aren’t taking an active role in your business.
  10. Make Contacting You as Easy as Possible
    Make sure your website is as easy to navigate as possible, you want your customers engaging with your site in a way that leads them to reach out to you turning their visit into business. Add calls to action throughout your website that lead to your contact form so customers can easily reach out to you.

Hopefully you find these tips useful to your online marketing journey. If you have any questions always feel free to reach out to your friendly team here at EZlocal for any of your online marketing needs!

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