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2022 – Year in Review For Small Businesses

Small business owners shouldn't be feeling so small. According to Forbes, 99.9% of US businesses are small businesses. There are over 33 million of them throughout the country. Just over 46% of all US employees work for a small business. These numbers are all the more impressive because less than 20% of small businesses have any employees at all, while 16% of small businesses have 1-19 employees. 

Here's what's slightly worrisome, however – in an age where over 25% of business transacations are carried out online, nearly one third of US small businesses still don't have their own website. Consumers are inclined to research businesses online before visiting stores, and not having a professional website will create a number of issues for small business owners: deminished credibilty, poor visibility relative to competitors, and a lack of control over search engine results and branding.

Solid 2023 New Year's Resolution for small business owners? Stop missing opportunities! Invest smartly in website building and hosting services, and start ranking better in Google. 




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